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A Managers Guide To Employee Stress

When it comes to really focusing on helping people manage stress, you need to look for what is causing stress. Managers have plenty of stress to deal with in their own right but they need to be the ones that manage their stress as well as the stress of their employees. If you can do this, people will see you as a true leader and a person that they really can admire. Employee stress can have a huge impact on the productivity for the company. It really can hurt the company in a lot of different ways as it also destroys morale. What can you do in order to combat employee stress? Here are some tips to help you out!

Tip # 1 - Learn to identify it
One of the first things you need to do is to understand what employee stress is and what you can do in order to control it quickly. Do you have too much work on your employees? Are the deadlines and expectations next to impossible for them to meet? You must figure out what is really causing the employees to become stressed and to figure out ways to remove this stress burden from their jobs. How can you tell when your employees are over the edge? There are some common signs to look for including the following:
- Showing up to work late or leaving early
- Calling in sick often
- Missing deadlines or forgetting projects
- Turning in lower quality work
- Demonstrate poor judgment
- Seem preoccupied
- Irritable

Tip # 2 - Harness it
When you use stress in the right way, it does help to push people forward and really can drive them towards success. You must be able to learn how to harness the stress so you can use it effectively and to avoid taking the stress and letting it destroy people. Learn how to make people understand how to use stress to their advantage.

Tip # 3 - Set Manageable Goals
To help people deal with stress, you should focus on goal setting. Everyone will have so many job duties that they are in charge of that it can easily be overwhelming to them. Set goals for your employees so they don't become overwhelmed and stressed with all the things that they need to do. Sit down with the employee and discuss their workload and goal setting. As you involve them in the overall process, they will be appreciative of it and will really see that you are striving to make their jobs better and easier overall. Make sure the goals that you set are agreed on by the employees and by you.

Tip # 4 - Break the tension
When people are under a lot of stress, they tend to break. You need to start recognizing the signs of stress so you can break the tension before a person does snap. You must be able to crack a joke here and there to get your employees to relax and to calm down. Just taking a break from everything once and awhile can help people to re-charge and to re-focus their energy. You need to really look for ways in which you can help your employees to relax and to recognize their own stress levels so they don't become too overwhelmed.

If you need to, send that employee home for the day and tell them to re-charge before they come back to work. You pay people for their hard work and you deserve to get what you pay for! Making people aware of the stress is just one of the things you can do to increase productivity.

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