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Control Stress or it Will Control Your Business

When we think about stress in the workplace, we usually refer to ulcers or heart conditions, but stress has a much broader impact. It is known that stress is linked to cancer, lung ailments, cirrhosis of the liver, immunity to common illnesses, back problems, and many other medical problems.

It is estimated that stress is the underlying factor in 75 - 90% of all physician visits.

We see the effects of stress in workplace absenteeism, accidents, health care costs, workers comp, quality problems, productivity, litigation, grievances, violence, customer service complaints, resistance to change, personnel turnover, and profits.

Workplace stress is costing your business thousands of dollars per year. Is stress a line item on your budget? Knowing how much you are spending on stress is a good place to start, but you must take responsibility for stress control and its impact on the bottom line.

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If stress is such a problem, you might be asking questions such as:

--How much is stress costing our company each year?

--How can we find out the costs?

--How can we control stress to put this money back on the bottom line?

Controlling stress is beneficial on the bottom line and for employees who work hard to make the company successful.

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Dale Collie speaker, author, coach, and former US Army Ranger, corporate president,and teacher at West Point. Selected by "Fast Company" as one of America's Fast 50 innovative leaders. Author of "Winning Under Fire: Turn Stress into Success the US Army Way," (McGraw Hill).

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