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Convenience and economy

Engaging customers in your brand is an important part of marketing. If your customers are not interested, or aren't really engaged in your brand, they will not turn into loyal customers or brand advocates. One of the best options for engaging customers is to combine convenience with economy.

Convenience- Most people are willing to pay a premium when it means they get ease of use, or extra convenience, the fast food industry alone is a testament of this. However, this does not mean that you have to charge a premium. In fact, most people will become far more engaged and loyal when they get convenience layered with other benefits. The biggest of those being economy. This is what creates value.

Economy- People want to save money, and feel like they are getting a good value. When you can offer people something they need, and that is convenient for them, without it costing too much, you have a winning combination. These days money is tighter, budgets are smaller, and people are looking to get the best value for every hard earned penny they spend. Economy is important, but economy needs to come with choice, quality, and value.

Of course, convenience and economy won't matter at all if you can't get your potential customers to even try it.
1. Convince them with convenience. The most appealing thing you can offer a client is a way to make their life easier, simpler, or more doable. This means when you market you need to push the convenience of the product or service. Everyone does this though, so you have to show why you are honest and it really will help them.
2. Reinforce with economy. Next, once you have hooked them with convenience engage them with economy. They want to simplify their life, now you are showing them how they can do it for less money. Make sure to focus on the fact that they are not sacrificing any quality to get the economic price tag.
3. Use technology to ease the way. Often times people want what you have to offer, but don't always understand it. Make it easy for them with technology. Simple ordering, no hassle, etc. When you can let a computer system look up information, instead of making the customer do it, you are going to have an engaged customer. Let them use their smart phone, laptop, and tablets to access or use your products. But make sure it is simple and user-friendly, people want to use technology, not understand it.
4. Use passion to excite others. If you are passionate about what you do, it will help others feel passionate about it as well. That love and passion should translate across your webpage, and through your marketing campaign so that potential customers will feel like it is something they should want to be apart of.
5. Give your customers more- More options, more locations. The more you give as you keep the economy and convenience, the more engaged your customers are going to be, and the bigger your market share will grow.

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