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Employee Job Satisfaction and Workplace Attitudes

A negative working environment is usually caused from employee attitudes and lack of management control. If you are not working hard to keep your employees happy and to find ways in which you can improve their job satisfaction, it can lead to a very frustrating workplace for everyone. Employees that are under-performing or over-performing can lead to a reduction in job satisfaction. Other employees may resent them because they are performing too well and they are getting too much recognition. It can cause other employees to have negative attitudes and this makes it a hostile working environment. Here are some of the things that can impact workplace attitudes and can improve job satisfaction for your staff.

One bad manager can ruin it for everyone else. The same goes with one sour attitude. You must work on keeping harmony among the staff by setting the tone and the example for your employees. They need to look to you in order to see what attitudes are acceptable within the company. Confront your employees that have the negative attitudes and are really bringing negative energy to the company and ruining the harmony that you have worked hard to build. If you have an employee that tries to be authoritative to others, talk to them on the side. Make sure they know that they are not in charge and you will handle things. Lack of communication can happen between management and employees and this can usually cause the frustration to occur. You have to work on keeping the lines of communication open with your staff and to work on making the employees feel like their opinions matter. If you have an employee with a sour attitude, call them into your office and have a chat with them. Find out what is going on and focus on recharging their energy.

One reason why people may be frustrated with their working environment is because there is little performance from their team. You likely have some employees that just shine and others that do not really do much. You have to get everyone in check and to set performance standards for everyone. Motivate your employees to work hard and give them reasons to work hard. Employees want to feel valued and they need to feel motivated by their managers. When people feel praised and they feel like you see the work that they do, it is a lot easier for them to trust you and to perform better. This will increase job satisfaction for everyone.

Proper Compensation
Another way in which you can get your employees to change their attitudes is by compensating them fairly. Your employees need to feel like they are fairly compensated for the work that they do. Offer them rewards and bonuses if they are able to meet some company goals and other things. You should have meetings with each of your employees to talk about their compensation and to consider giving them more compensation based on their performance.

Managing the various employee attitudes within your company will go a long way in boosting morale and productivity. You need to be able to really work on talking to your staff members to get them in tune with what needs to be done for the organization. Weed out those "bad seeds" from the company in order to make sure they aren't taking your company down. Having a human resource manager can help you with some of the employee relationship issues that can be frustrating to the company. Getting feedback from the company can also help you to know what needs to be done in order to improve the company and to have stronger employee relationships.

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