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Importance of Delegation

Are you overwhelmed with your job? If you find that you have too many projects and not enough time to complete them you need to start delegating some of the things that are on your plate. Delegation is important to running a successful company. All it comes down to is prioritizing your tasks and knowing which ones you can hand off to other people. Learning to delegate is one of the most important skills you will learn as a manager. Here are some of the benefits you will experience when you delegate your work:

1. Completed work - when you actually delegate work to other people you will finally start hitting deadlines. You will have a lot of quality work done in half the time. This helps to make the company more productive and it really lifts a huge burden off your shoulders. Make sure you sit down with the employee and really talk to them about the new work they are going to take on so they understand what is expected of them.
2. Greater productivity - as you focus on delegation you will also see that the overall productivity for the company will improve. You need to delegate work to other people that have time to actually complete the work and will be able to become quite efficient with it. When productivity is increased it makes the company look better but it also helps to boost profits.
3. Increase in Morale - employees that get the new work will feel as though you trust them more. They will have a greater sense of pride in their jobs as they see that you are trusting them with a large responsibility. Having a nice morale boost is important to the company if you would like to see productivity increase. Giving your employees more responsibility does make them feel valued and it is a great way for you to focus on giving them a challenge so they aren't bored in their job.
4. Development of skills - giving your employees additional jobs and assignments will challenge them. This is a great way for you to watch them develop their skills and it helps you to see what your employees are really capable of doing. You need to give them jobs that do help them to develop their skills so you can see jobs completed in a timely manner and to see if they are candidates for management jobs and other things in the future. New tasks from your work will be a great test for your top-performers that have management in their sites.
5. Stress reduction - as a manger you already have a ton of stress and things to worry about. When you delegate some of the work out, you will see a big reduction in your stress level. This is a huge deal for you as it will allow you to focus more on the work that you need to do and it will allow you to become more productive as well.

Taking some things off your plate and handing them to others can be a challenge. You need to do it in order to keep your sanity! However make a clear list of the details with each task that needs to be done. This way the jobs will be done correctly and you will not need to stress or worry that they are not going to be performed correctly. It is important that you choose the individuals that are best suited for the job. You have to carefully consider your decision so you do not have a difficult time with the tasks being completed correctly.

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