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Marketing engagement tactics

Go beyond convenience- While convenience is very important, and will appeal to some, it is not enough to engage customers. Sure convenience is great, but the customer will want more. When you can couple it with economy, for example, you open up your ability to gain market shares. In other words, you are extending your engagement proposition further when you add layered benefits that go beyond simple convenience.

Know your customer- For you to successfully engage customers with convenience as the biggest motivating factor, you have to know what their needs really are. What product or service can you offer that will truly fill a customer need? If you can add convenience and value to their life, you will gain market share.

Segment your market- Remember that every group of customers could be different. What works for the young professional may be of little use to the stay at home mom.Thus, segment your market, and do zone marketing to adapt your message and offerings based on the needs of the consumer you are marketing to.

Push it fast and far- You can't dip one toe into the pool and ease your way in. If you are going to offer convenience, you better move in fast, and far, and really be convenient. Instead be direct, simple, and easy. You can't be incremental if you are targeting customers with a message of convenience and economy.

Options- Just because something is low cost doesn't mean it should be low choice. Customers are going to want to have options, even if they are paying less. As you are able to deliver more choice, you get a wider audience, and a happier consumer base, they know that they will get what they want when they want it.

Broaden your services- If you are seeing a lag in your product use, consider tweaking it to fit a bigger audience and to engage new customers. For example, restaurants started offering happy hour pricing in order to fill the restaurant during the slower hours or slower times. What can you do to pick up during your "slow" time?

Partner up, find allies- One of the best things for a business to do is to network and find allies that will be mutually benefitted by helping you with your product or service. Could it aid a government agency? Could an educational facilities, corporation, etc. benefit from partnering with you?If you share interests you can accelerate your growth, but it has to be mutually beneficial.

If you want to engage your customers you usually have to innovate in some way, inspire them to use your products, and show them why they will benefit them. You can't just do traditional marketing, rather you have to get where they are, and in front of the segments of the market you really want to target. As you do this, and engage your customers with convenience and economy, your market share will grow from word of mouth advertising and a satisfied consumer base.

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