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The proper outline for your marketing proposal

Ready to acquire financing for your business? If you are, you need to have a marketing proposal clearly outlined that will allow you and your potential investors to see that you have a niche market and you will have no problem reaching out to them.

The future of any company will be based on how well you market it. Without marketing, there is no way for you to acquire new customers. Without marketing, there is no way for you to make a presence in your industry. Without marketing there is no way to become a successful franchise.

A marketing proposal helps you to organize all of your marketing information so you and your team have a clear direction to head in. Since you don't have previous numbers to work with, all of your information is going to be based on the research that you are doing.

Investors need to see what you are planning to do as a business and they must be able to see how you are going to reach out to your customers. Without a marketing proposal, there is no way to find out what you are doing and where you are going. Does your business even have a shot at having a future? The future success of your company is going to rest on your marketing efforts. The basic theme of your marketing proposal will be easy to come up with but it's the actual organization of the marketing proposal that can get tricky for some people.

To get started, you need to define the purpose of the marketing proposal. This will come down to the following basic characteristics:

  • Establish market trends

  • Define your target market

  • Create tools that you will use to reach your market

Take a look at some of the online samples you can find out there. This will help you to see how you can organize your marketing proposal and what information you need to include in it that you may not have thought about on your own. Taking a look at some samples and taking away a few tips is a great way to ensure that you are following the same level of professionalism as other companies that are gaining the interest of lenders to acquire financing for their business.

Executive Summary
One of the first things you will notice with a marketing proposal is the executive summary. This is always included at the begging and it will define and summarize what the entire marketing proposal is all about. It allows vendors and investors to visualize what needs to be done on your part to make the company a success. They will also learn about the budget limits you have and what you need in order to see your vision for the company work. Don't forgot to include a paragraph about the basis of success for the business and the measurement standards you want to use.

Situational Analysis
The next thing you will do is a situational analysis. This is where you analyze your market and you provide an overview of your business and how you will relate to the market. Explain what your product is and you have to provide information as to how you will be able to reach out to your customers.

Define the target market
Next you want to include the market research information you have done. This helps the lenders to see that you do have people to market to and that they are interested in your products.

What are your marketing goals and what steps will you follow in order to reach them?

Marketing Message

What are the various marketing messages you are planning to use to reach your customers?

How much money will you need and how do you plan to go about gathering the funds and repaying them?

The evaluation is basically a conclusion of your marketing proposal and it will tie up final questions and loose ends.

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