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What goes into writing a press release

There are so many different ways to market your company and gain the exposure you need. One of the most popular ways to get your name out there is with a press release. Press releases are an excellent way to market your company without having to pay money for the exposure. A press release is simply a prepared statement for the media that is sent via fax, email, mail, or wire communication.

You may think that press releases are only for the media to report on important or useful information for the public but you are wrong. While press releases can get you in touch with your customers and get news coverage, they offer a great way to build links. A number of businesses are using them to post online and get more clicks back to their main website or blog.

If you are seeking to generate a press release for a news story, you need to know when to send it. Press releases need to go out when the news is a little dry and reporters are getting anxious for something. Middle of the week is best as a number of weekend stories are making the news on Monday so you want to switch it up and have it make the news on a Wednesday.

The press release needs to show who you are so make sure you are including your information on the press release as well. It helps to use company letterhead that has all the contact information on it too.

Now what really sells the press release is the headline. The headline or title is the next important aspect of the press release because it's what people will read. The best way to write the headline or title is after you have written the rest of the press release; this way you can use keywords from the press release to compose a good title. The title needs to be centered and in bold lettering. The title will be the single most important wording on the entire page because that will capture the attention of the journalist. A title needs to be short, but attention-grabbing and make the journalist want to continue reading.

Watch out for headlines that seem too good to be true as the writer will read right through it. You also don't want to seem too sensational with the headline, these rarely pan out. What goes below the headline is the body of the press release. The body of the press release will start with date and the city for which the press release originated from. The body of the press release will address the following: who, what, when, why, where, and how. Keep it brief and include the facts that your readers need and want.

A well written press release will go a long way for distributing your information to several markets, many of which you may not have been able to break into without the help of a good reporter to cover the story. A press release needs to be filled with keywords related to your industry. Don't make it overwhelming with keywords, just enough to link your company to the industry.

If a journalist likes a press release and publishes it, it will be distributed over the internet, email, and other network feeds. Whenever a company writes a press release, they need to publish it on their web site before they send it out to journalists. Some reporters like to have the URL handy for their article in case they want to provide a direct link. Get to know the reporter a little bit and you will be able to have an easier time getting them the information they need.
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