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Tips for getting more from your business

If you want to get the most from your business, then do not make these fatal errors, that sometimes seem like good ideas.

First, hiring experience.
While it seems like it would be a good idea to hire people with experience, you have to realize that if they are getting experience, you might be getting competitor rejects. You may also be hiring someone who isn't willing to learn.Would your competitors really let their best employees go? Instead of looking for great people with experience, look for people who have high-aptitude, and a willingness to learn. Use aptitude tests to find the people with the highest ability to do the job.

Second, not being a dictator when you have to be.
While the word dictator can be harsh, it is your business, and you need to remember that if you want your business to succeed, you need to run it the way you think is best, the way history, research, and experts say is best. NOT the way your employees want. Sure, they might think you are a jerk. However, if it means the job gets done the way it should, that can be good. Of course, being nice and wanting your employees to buy in to the ideas you are selling is good, and can be beneficial, but do not roll over any time they think something is unfair. That is bad business management. Managing is like parenting, sometimes to do what is right and the best thing for your employees, you have to upset them. Be authoritarian, even if it does not make you very popular.

Third, work below your skill level.
While there are often things that need doing, if you are being underutilized and working at a level below your true value or skill level, then you are not doing what is best for your company. Get out of the restrictions that are making you work below skill level, as this will not help profitability.

Fourth, underutilizing employees.
Having people do jobs that are beneath their skill level and qualifications, and things that do not challenge them will either cause them to get frustrated and leave your company for greener pastures. Or, they will grow disillusioned and may cause problems at work. This can turn into a cancer that eats away at culture and profits.

Fifth, lack of training.
If you want your company to do well and succeed, then you really have to train your employees well. This will help your employees grow and progress in their work. If you do not train well, they will either quit, or you will wish they would because they are not doing the job you want them to do.

Do not make these business mistakes. You can get more for your business if you remember these, and make good choices, never settling for less than you can.

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