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Getting noticed

Small businesses around the globe want their consumers to love them. They want to get noticed. However, this is often not very easy, especially since there are many businesses competing for the attention and money of each consumer. In order to get noticed, consider the ways you get noticed in everyday life. The following are some tips for how to get your business noticed.

The first way to get noticed is to piss someone off. Of course this can be bad for your business, and make you lose customers. However, when gone about the right way, it is a fantastic way for generating the attention you do want. The goal is not to intentionally make people angry, but to embrace who you are, and the direction you are going, even if other people do not like it. In order to get noticed, brands need to have strong views that will appeal to their audience. These can be views on environmental protection, child labor laws, etc.These strong views might piss off consumers outside your target market, but will create loyal customers within your core audience. Consider Apple a prime example of this, they piss off PC users everywhere, while creating a strong Apple following. And what do they get? A die hard fan base with a huge empire worth billions.

Figure out who you are, and what your distinct voice is going to be, then hit hard with that, not apologizing for being you.

Second, pull the heartstrings. You are going to get attention if you can make people smile and cry because you share a happy story, like a child reunited with their parents, a veteran returning home from war to find his family waiting for him, etc.. A touching human story causes other to share, and can change emotions and impressions. Thus, if you want your brand to have a committed following, use heartstring pulling to achieve this. Share stories about customers, clients, employees, etc. Make emotional connections with your audience, and you will get some attention.

Third, be funny. If you can make people laugh, you will gain a following. People love when something is funny, it brings them closer. So, make your brand humorous. Burger King is a great example of this. Their commercials are humorous, and lighthearted. Humor will get you noticed, and prevent indifference to your brand. This is really important for a small business. Find ways to make your consumers laugh, and you will tie them to you and have a loyal following.

These are just three ways to get noticed, but notice how each play on human emotion. Buyers want to feel connected to a brand, they do not buy dispassionately, so be sure to tap into a passion, with humor, hate, or love, but with a strong emotion, It is how you will be noticed and remembered.

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