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Treating employees better for better profitability

One of the most important lessons a business manager can learn is to value their employees. Valued employees lead to greater profitability. If you bought a car that was worth $40,000, you would treat it pretty good, wouldn't you? What about the person you employ with a $40,000 a year salary? Are you investing as much time and energy into them?

Treat employees in a way that would help them to be the best that they are. You can't expect them to perform at their highest level, and then give them no time, and no resources in which to be their best. The following are some tips for treating employees better in order to achieve greater profitability as a result:

1. Provide and allow training, courses, and seminars. Investing some time and money into employees to help them learn, grow, and exemplify their position in the company is great for business. It helps you stay up to par with the latest, and makes you so much more competitive in the market.

2. Support their brainchildren, projects, and endeavors. It is easy to nitpick when it is not your heart and soul that have been poured into the project. Remember this when evaluating their work. Supporting creativity, and asking employees to use their own styles and perspectives, will help your employees grow. It will mean outside of the box thinking that will lead to your company becoming market leaders.

3. Show gratitude. People need to know that their bosses have more to say than complaints. Treating people with respect, and sowing gratitude for the hard work they put in, the sacrifices they make, etc. is important. It will encourage people to work harder, and to push their personal boundaries and limits of creativity. It will result in higher quality work, greater commitment to your company, and happier employees.

Ask yourself the following four questions:
- Does it have to be exactly the way I want it?
- Could my employee perhaps have a different perspective?
- What should I be doing to encourage my people to learn and grow?
- Am I spending the money I need to in order to properly develop them?
Provide some answers to these questions, as they will help you recognize where you could be doing better with your employees. It will help you to leverage the resources you have (your employees). If you treat your employees better, you may just get more from them. This can do nothing but help your profitability. Why not give it a try? Even a cursory experiment with it can help you to determine if it is worth it for you. Just like washing, oiling, and doing regular maintenance on your car will help it last longer, providing positive feedback, giving your employees the resources and training they deserve, and taking into account different perspectives and opinions can help you have a more profitable company.

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