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How to choose the right shipping option

When it comes to shipping your products it is vital that you find a good shipping company to work with. They will be responsible for the timely delivery of your products and if you really want to make a good impression on your customers you need to choose the right shipping company to ensure they are going to make a big impact on your customers and your company's reputation. Nothing will upset a customer more than a late delivery or one that is damaged when it comes to their home. Customers want their products delivered to them in a timely manner and they really do hate to wait on anything. So this means your decision in choosing the right shipping company is going to go a long way in showing the customers that you do care about the timeliness and the care that the product is given upon delivery.

Meet with all of the different shipping companies from UPS and FedEx to the USPS and other shippers to see which ones will give you the best option. Some will charge based on the number of shipments being sent out each day while others will choose to charge you based on the type of shipping you do. Look at all of your options to see what is most affordable to you but also the shipping options that will be very affordable to the customers as well.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is going to be cheap for the consumer compared to the other shipping options. However the USPS does have a reputation of being hard to deal with along with having damaged packages and delayed shipments. You need to really look into other companies for the large shipping needs and stick to the USPS for smaller shipment needs like CDs or DVDs that need to go out to your customers. However there are some businesses that do find the USPS to be easy to work with. They have really tried to make themselves user friendly to the customer by adding more features to their business shipping department. Now you have things such as ordering supplies online along with getting other things as well like lower fees on shipping and arranging shipments. Really push the insurance option on your customers if you are concerned about the reputation the USPS has with damaged or lost packages. At least this way you won't lose money and neither will the customers.

What about the larger carries like FedEx and UPS? They are global and they can really be a great asset to small business owners that are looking for a way to provide faster shipping options to their customers. With UPS and FedEx you do have a lot of possibilities for shipping from next day letters to 2 day or 3 day packages. It can give your customers a lot of room to consider when they are looking into the various shipping needs that they have. In most cases both companies will provide you with all of the packing supplies you need for free as long as you sign and honor a contract with their company. As long as you do this, you will enjoy satisfaction from both companies. Just make sure they are as committed to your customers as they are to you and you shouldn't have a problem.

Always ask shipping companies what their policy is on lost packages or damaged ones. You need to work with a company that will work quickly in order to fix the situation that they created. This is another reason why it is so important that you get multiple price quotes and meet with several companies in order to know who you are really getting into business with.

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