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Can small business save our economy?

With the economy still in shambles, many in the government are wondering what to do and billions of dollars are being moved in the wrong direction. Small businesses are the backbone of America and they should be used in order to re-establish the economy. With about 29.2 million small businesses in America it is easy to see just how many jobs are created thanks to small business. Small business helps with job creation along with driving competition in the economy and helping to innovate our society. Small businesses help to increase the Gross Domestic Product and many people focus on supporting them over big business as so many big businesses have declared bankruptcy or have failed to uphold their promises to customers.

What many people appreciate about small business is that they can provide you with trust and security. A small business that has been able to survive the economy this long is bound to survive in the future. It is small businesses like these that are trustworthy and are generating money to help stimulate the economy, even if their profits may not be in the millions or tens of millions of range.

Perhaps job creation is the biggest pro to a small business. When more small businesses are created, more jobs are created to help put money back into our economy. Small businesses can vary in the number of jobs that they create as some have 500 jobs where others have less than 50 but either way they are creating jobs for the hard working people of America. For about 50% of people employed in the private sector, small business has been the solution at providing them with jobs. Even when the job creation level is compared to that of big businesses, small businesses employ the same amount of people and offer more opportunities for workers. One of the great things about small business is that as long as things go well, they will continue to hire more workers. This job creation at such a fast pace is one of the best ways in which the economy can be stimulated. Big business doesn't work on creating new jobs, they work on profits and investing their money and then they start to cut jobs when things get bad.

Small businesses are helping America to recover and while some of the products we need have to be outsourced, a good majority should be domestic products that are created by small businesses. Out of all the solutions to fix the national debt and to start getting consumer spending up, small business is the best solution. They create products and services quickly and will be able to get money circulating in the economy quickly. This will help to improve the economy faster than any other government program can and it also helps to bring balance back to the economy for many years.

One of the best things about small business is that they are able to create strong customer relationships, which builds loyalty and can help them to stay in business longer. As far as growth goes, small businesses can provide a number of opportunities. About 13 times more patents per employee are created by small businesses than larger corporations. Small businesses are focused on being innovative and brining about a new product or service to their customers in order to remain competitive and to find a way to brand their name. Seeking employment by a small business is one of the best things you can do for job security. Many people are taking that first step toward creating their own small businesses, which is always a benefit and a great investment so long as you do your research and you plan it right.

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