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How to motivate the employees at your small business

One of the major tasks that you will have as a small business owner is motivating the people that work for you. While most small businesses start out with a staff of one(the owner), they soon grow to include the need for additional employees. This is when the small business owner must also become the leader and motivator for the people who work for him or her. Savvy business owners of every size know that the people who work for them are their most valuable asset. Because of this they do all they can to motivate their employees to do their very best. Here is what you need to know about how to motivate the employees at your small business-

- Offer clear instructions-When employees are surveyed one of the major frustrations that they express about their job is not receiving clear instructions from their management. If your employees don't know what you need them to do they can feel frustrated, unappreciated, and discouraged. This leads to low job morale and job satisfaction. If your employees are constantly confused about they should do they will soon be looking for other jobs. When you take the time to let your employees know what you need done and how to do it they feel valued and appreciated which acts as a motivation for higher productivity. Along with giving clear instructions you should also make sure that you are available to answer questions and address any concerns that they have.
- Give praise and recognition-Giving praise and recognition to your employees to motivate them seems fairly obvious, however, many small business managers often find themselves so caught up in their many duties they often overlook this simple motivational tool. You need to verbally let your employees know that you appreciate their work. You can also give recognition in the form of awards or prizes. Keep in mind that these don't have to cost a lot of money but simply have to be something that your employees would value. For example-A longer lunch hour or even a free lunch for an employee that has gone the extra mile can really mean a lot.
- Regularly look at workloads-One of the fastest ways for your employees to lose their motivation is if they feel overburdened at work. If you have certain employees that are taking on more then everyone else you may find that they are burned out and lack productivity. One of the most important things that you can do as a small business owner is to take a periodic look at the workloads of your employees. You need to see what everyone is doing and determine if someone has too much on their plate. If you find that an employee(s) has too much work reassigning certain tasks can go a long way as a motivational tool.
- Promote teamwork-If you can promote an attitude of teamwork among your employees it can motivate them to not only work together better but to work harder as well. This can be a difficult task when you are have employees that each has unique personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. However, the savvy small business owner will manage their employees in a way that helps to promote teamwork and allows everyone to feel that they are working toward a common goal. Accepting employee input and acknowledging the contributions of your employees can help to promote this feeling which can motivate all of your employees to work together even harder for the good of your small business. Keeping your employees informed about what is happening with your small business can allow everyone to have the same information which also helps to promote teamwork.

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