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Helping New Employees Become Successful

When you hire new employees it is easy to throw them into the lion's den and how that they succeed. The problem is that you really need to take time to actually train them before you put them into their job responsibilities. As a small business owner it can be challenging for you to do this as you do have so many other things to worry about and you need their help as soon as possible. However when you throw a person into a job with little training, you may end up wasting a lot of time and money on your new investment.

Before you hire the new person for the job you need to create a training schedule. Have a training program that will last about 2 weeks or so in order for you to give the new employee the right type of training. If you cannot do all of the training on your own, ask some of your other employees to help out. Your secretary can easily do some simple training like walking them around the office and showing them where they can find supplies, where the break room is, bathroom, etc. Dividing out the training with some other staff members will help the new employee to meet their co-workers and can help them to start blending in with the rest of the team. Once you have some basic stuff covered you can then move on and have the employee start the training with you.

If you don't need them to train all-day for a week, why not train them in 4-5 hour blocks for a week? Shoving too much information at them in a single day can make it challenging for them to understand what their job duties and expectations are. This is why it is a good idea to consider shortening the training time so they do have a chance to understand their job duties.

Have a probationary period for the new employee. This is the time when they are going to be watched and monitored in order to see that they are doing what is expected of them and that you did enough to train them. Usually companies employ a 90 day probationary period o evaluate their staff members and to see if they are able to meet the company's expectations.

One way to help your new employees to become successful is by giving them a task list. This should lay out their job duties so they can get an idea of what is expected of them. It also helps to reduce some of the anxiety that they may be feeling with their new job as it is often stressful at first to begin a job.

To really help a new employee to become successful you need to make sure you are checking on them. You need to come by their desk and talk to them about their job. Try to reduce some of the initial anxiety they are feeling by giving them some feedback to go off. This way it will allow them to feel comfortable in their job and will make it easier for them to feel as though they are making progress toward the right way.

Another thing that you can do to help new employees become successful is by scheduling a lunch with the entire staff. This is a great way to make your staff feel comfortable with the new employee and also to make them feel welcome to the company. It can help them to blend in with their co-workers and get to know them outside of the pressures of the office. Sometimes it can be hard for your employee to connect with each other because they are always under the stress of work. When you get them out of the office it helps them to socialize with each other and helps them to learn how to communicate better.

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