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Hiring The Right People

For any small business to find success you need to hire the right people. Hiring employees is one of the key components to running a successful small business. The problem is that a lot of companies do not take the time to find the right employees to hire them in the first place. This often leaves you dealing with high amounts of turnover and you may feel like you are constantly searching for new employees. The investment it takes to train an employee is significant so why waste it on 10 people that are going to quit in 12-18 months or less? Here are some tips that will help you to hire the right people.

Tip # 1 - Focus on their track record
You know the references that people always put on a resume? You need to actually call them! You want to check up on the people you are hiring and find out what type of behaviors they have. Most references will only tell you the good things but really listen as they could be telling you about their working style and job patterns. When you call the past employers and find out more about the behavior of the employee it will help you to figure out if this employee will be able to bring these same skills to the table.

Tip # 2 - Effective interviewing
Once you go through the screening process of the job applications in front of you it is time to start the interview process. A lot of companies will do an initial interview, a second interview, and then make the hiring decision. If you didn't really "love" one of the applicants, why make a decision on a limited pool? Advertise again until you get a good pool of candidates to work with so you can hire the right people for the job. During the interview process you have to really grill the person. You need to find out how they will react in certain situations and find out why they would make that particular decision. This helps you to see their personality style and if they are willing to take responsibility for their work decisions.

Tip # 3 - Skill set
As you are looking for the right employees to fit your company you need to consider the skills that they can come to the table with. You want to be able to find people that will really be able to expand the company so find out how much work history they have and the type of experience that they have with various job duties.

Tip # 4 - Enthusiasm
Is the person enthusiastic about the job? Do you feel that they will bring energy to the company and can really help to upgrade the people that they work with? If you hire a person that is prone to negativity, it is going to wear on everyone that is around them. You need to seek out an individual that will really bring out the best in their co-workers. This person will be compassionate and must have a lot of patience and critical thinking skills. Having the ability to listen and to accept responsibility for their actions is another thing that you must consider when you are hiring.

Tip # 5 - Fire Bad Employees
If the person is not working out, get rid of them. Why waste 2 years on a person that doesn't have the skills you need to really do the job? Firing is not anyone's FAVORITE thing to do but you need to cut ties and save money and time now versus procrastinating and then dealing with it later. With each new hire you usually have a 90 day performance clause that you can hold them to and if they aren't meeting your expectations, cite this as the reason for cutting ties with them. The last thing you want to do is hire someone and then deal with telling them that they need to work on performing better all the time.

Hiring is a process and if you want to go about hiring the right people you need to invest a lot of time and money into it. Train your staff effectively so you do have people that can adjust and come with the skills needed to make your company a success.

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