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How To Deal With Difficult People

Small business owners often deal with more employee conflicts than larger companies. This is due to the fact that you have a small group of individuals working for you and it's easy for them to butt heads as they all need to wear multiple hats within the company. When you have a lot of job duties assigned to each individual that works for you, it can be quite stressful for them to do their job and to get along with others. It can be frustrating when you do have an employee with a very strong or difficult personality. They will make it hard for other people to work with them and they may often be arrogant when you approach them about their personality. Dealing with difficult people is not an easy thing but as a small business owner you must put a stop to it as soon as possible or you are going to have some serious issues with employee morale and maintaining a productive company.

When you are working with difficult people you need to focus your efforts on the behaviors of the individual rather than their personality. You cannot do much about changing their personality so you have got to focus on the way that they are acting toward their co-workers and just their behavior in the office.

When did the personality issues begin? When you initially hired them it was not likely that you noticed they would butt heads with co-workers and bring in a difficult personality to the office. Look back as to when you started seeing issues with the employee. What is it about their behaviors that are upsetting to your other employees? Office bullying is a big issue in many companies and it is something that you do need to get on top of right away or it will continue to get worse and worse and will lead to decreased employee morale and you could even lose some of your best employees as they leave the company to find another organization to work for.

While it is pretty easy to try and focus on the employee that seems to be the problem, it takes two people to tango! You need to call in both employees and talk to them. The employees will need to find a way to work together even if they are annoyed and frustrated with one another the majority of the time. Do not focus the blame on just one person unless you see that they are having issues with several people in the company and not just one other person. Get more involved in the relationship between the employee and their coworkers so you can find a way to bridge the gap in communication and so you can stop the employees from backbiting and engaging in behaviors that are disturbing.

You must address the situations at hand right away. You do not want them to go on for long periods of time or it just makes the situation get worse and worse. Call the employee in and remind them of acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviors. Approach them in a non-confrontational way or you will seem hostile and they can easily become resentful toward you as their manager.

Difficult people often gossip in the workplace. Stop office gossip right away and identify the individual that is "stirring the pot" and get them to stop with this behavior right away. If they are allowed to continue going on and on with this behavior, employee morale is going to suffer tremendously. It is hard to manage multiple personalities so you must do your best to go into the situation without bias or it will make everything harder for everyone.

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