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Rewarding the employees with ethics

Finding ethical employees in today's world can be incredibly challenging. Not everyone is honest all the time and they aren't always trustworthy. As a small business owner how can you hire ethical employees in the first place and how can you reward these employees to let them know just how much you need them and appreciate them? Rewarding employees with ethics doesn't need to be a challenge and it's easy to do with the right type of focus and drive.

Be an example
The best way to find ethical people to work for you is to be one yourself. If you are a pillar of truth and honesty, people like this will be attracted to you. Don't lie to your employees and do not say or do anything that will degrade your character and cause people to question your core ethics and beliefs.

Clear Messages
Another way to make sure that you are getting the truthful employees is by sending out clear messages to them in the first place. Are you letting them know what is expected of them and what is tolerated and not tolerated? Strong communication is vital to hiring good people and leading them in the right direction.

Employees that are honest will follow the rules but they too can be put into a bad situation if they are unaware that there are certain rules. You have to let them know what the rules are upon hiring them and to inform everyone often about the rules so they know what is expected and what the punishment will be if they do not follow the rules.

Fair Pricing
To provide clear ethical messages to your employees you need to engage in fair pricing of your products. Let your employees see that you are not trying to just take the money of your customers and that you want to offer fair prices to them and that you are also not trying to swindle products from your vendors and suppliers.

When you notice an employee that is demonstrating honest behavior, go over and thank them. You also need to note this on their employee evaluations as you want to show your employees how grateful you are for their hard work and devotion to the company. Showing them that you recognize this behavior and that they are an example to others at the company is a great way to show them appreciation. Recognition is a great way to reward them but in a corrupt world, you out to take it one step further in the future and provide them with nicer rewards like compensation or even a trip.

The best rewards are those that you actually think about. Do not just send out a gift card with a note attached that you are grateful for their honesty and integrity. You need to look for a gift with meaning and one that they will truly appreciate if you want to make an impact on your employees and truly build up a better and stronger organization.

A simple way to become a shining example of honesty to your customers is by owning up to your own mistakes and wrongdoings. You need to accept responsibility when you know you have done wrong and let your employees see that you are ethical in all your business and even personal decisions. Unethical business practices are a killer to employee morale and it will foster an environment of corrupt employees. Do not allow your hard work to start a honest business turn into a pitiful company of lies and deceit that no one can trust.

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