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Search engine marketing

laptop30349514.jpgOne of the best marketing strategies out there is search engine marketing. It provides you with a chance to generate more traffic to your website and to gain more online visibility. As your website numbers start to climb, you will have higher rankings on the search engines, which provide you with more online visibility and can help you attract new customers. Even the smallest home-based businesses rely on search engine marketing to help attract more online attention from their target market. Here are some easy things you can do to make your website search engine friendly.

The Title tag
When the search engine crawlers send out the spiders to search for keywords and content, one of the things they are checking is your title tags. You need to do your best to improve your title tags in order to generate the right type of traffic. Change the title tags for each page as this will help you increase that page's ability to land in the search engine results when a person is doing a query using some of those keywords.

Use gateway pages

Gateway pages provide you with the opportunity to generate more traffic as they are fine tuned with the right type of keywords for your audience. With a gateway page you will choose a specific set of keywords, which are given a greater set of weight by the search engines. A gateway page is basically an entry page to help customers find the specific pages they are search for. Gateway pages are created and separately submitted to the search engines to help you generate the visibility you are looking for.

To help the search engine crawlers link your site with the keywords and terms your audience is searching for, you need to use the right type of keywords. Research the keywords that your customers and currently using and expand them as much as possible. Make sure the content you post on your website is rich with the right type of keywords. You also need to be weary about flooding the pages with keywords as this can hurt your chances of gaining the page rank status you are looking for.

Use the search engine submission services
A great way to boost your online page rank stats is to use the online submission services. The submission services out there can help you find the best search engines to submit to that will actually boost your online rankings. As you have your site indexed by the search engines, you will have an easier time acquiring the links you need to boost your Google status. With some of the search engines, you actually need to resubmit your site multiple times over the years as they tend to remove some of them after awhile. This is why you need to utilize a search engine submission service as they can help you submit your site so you can gain a higher ranking and find more customers. It can take 2 months or longer for your site to finally be registered with the search engines, which is why it is so important for you to get your site indexed as soon as possible.

Link Building

When a website has credible links feeding into it, you will have an easier time generating the page rank status you need. This is where Facebook can help you out as you can post links back to your website. Another way to generate more inbound links is to ask your vendors and even a few customers to post a link to your website. As you do this, Google and the other search engines will provide you with a higher page rank status as they see you as a credible site.

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