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The power of a handwritten direct mail campaign

Looking for a new way to show your customers that you care about them? When was the last time you sent them a letter and told you that you appreciate them? Handwritten direct mail letters can go a long way in not only building relationships with your customers but it will also strengthen your sales. Real handwritten letters actually do go a long way to build relationships. Actual handwritten letters do go a long way and it's a widely effective marketing tool you can use to gain sales in a hurry.

What are your competitors doing? If they aren't making an effort to build relationships, don't you think that it's about time that you took that step so your customers will continue to come to your company instead?

With so much marketing noise out there, how can your customers feel connected to your company? A television commercial doesn't do much to build relationships with your customers and printing ads in the newspaper won't do much else either. Special efforts must be made on your part to build the relationship you want. So how can you capture attention and build loyalty? Handwritten letters or messages is one of the best ways to so this.

Address the Letter
One way to get your customers to open the letters you send is by actually addressing them instead of letting your computer do it for you. This shows that you have a handwritten message on the outside of your letter as well and your customers will become attracted to this. Real handwriting rarely occurs and for a lot of people, seeing that a company has taken the time to write a personalized letter can mean a lot to them. Don't think addressing envelopes make sense? Take a look at this statistic for you, addressing the envelopes on your own increases the ability to have the letter opened by 300%!

Include the right message

What are you planning to say to your customers? You have to include the right message in your letter for it to be of any value to your customers. When you get a letter from a colleague and other companies, what do you think when you read it? The goal is to have that person feel special that they got a letter and to let them know that they are truly appreciated by your organization. Don't just opt for a letter that you can print and then sign, take the time to actually address the person by name in the letter and perhaps you can even say something about how you have worked together in the past or how you appreciate their support. The letter doesn't have to be huge and it doesn't have to be detailed, it just needs to make them feel special.

Building Loyalty
The big part of working with the handwritten direct mail campaign is to build loyalty. You want to be that company that people love to work with because of how great you are to your customers. Don't let your inability to thank your customers and go out of your way to please them compromise relationships. What makes the handwritten direct mail campaign so effective is that you are not just advertising to your customers, you are focusing on going above what your customers want from you or what they expect from you. When they know you are paying attention to them and you do care about them, it helps to build better relationships with them and they will become brand loyal.

Make the letter heartfelt and always include a thank-you in the letter. Don't let it just be about what you can do for your customers, show them how they have helped you and recognize their support.

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