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Fixin' to Get Ready: Getting Past "GO"

Here in Kentucky we spend a lot of time "fixin' to get ready."

For those of you not familiar with the phrase, let me give you some context:

Picture a southern man, sitting on couch, watching NASCAR. His wife comes into the room. "Honey, are you going to fix that loose porch step today?"

"Sure hon'", he replies, "I'm fixin' to get ready."

Then he goes back to the race.

A few weeks (or months) later, he finally fixes the step (usually after his mother comes to visit and complains about it!)

One of the hardest parts of starting a web business is actually getting started. Taking the actions. Sticking to a plan.

Here are some ways you can "get past go" in your own web business:

1. Follow an Established Plan

One of the reasons many people can't seem to get started is simply not knowing what to do. Following an established plan allows you to have confidence as you move forward. There are several people and resources I recommend to get this accomplished. You can take a look at them here:

2. Take Action rather than Analyzing

Once you have an established plan, focus on taking action every day to move you toward your goals. We all have fears-sometimes those fears prompt us to go into a place of "paralysis by analysis". Taking action-even if you have to adjust it later-is key.

3. Go for a "win" every day

Marlon Sanders gave me this phrase and it fits perfectly. Success in any endeavor comes as a result of small, daily progress. By looking for a "win" every day, you move ahead toward your online success. Remember: Every overwhelmingly successful person started out as an ordinary person who simply took small, daily steps forward.

Are you having trouble getting started? Put these three keys to work and you should see your success quickly unfold.

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