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Getting Started with an Online Business with No Money

If you want to get started with an online business without risking any money but you have time to spend then this report will show you one way to do that.

Basically the best way to earn without making any investment is to promote somebody else's product for commission and that is the method we will discuss today.

I will use our affiliate program in the example process that I outline below, we take affiliates from anywhere in the world and this process can be operated anywhere in the world. The process will work equally well with hundreds and thousands of other affiliate programs.

Step one is to join an affiliate program that pays at two levels i.e. a 2 tier program. Our sign up page can be found at .

When you join you should get your own link to the main site where the sales process starts for that site and also a link for recruiting new affiliates. You can usually use the main link for affiliates also but there may be a link that takes the visitor straight to the affiliate sign up page.

Once you have a link you should do the following:

1. Add a signature to your emails, this will mean that every mail you send will have a tag line at the bottom which, in this case, will promote the service that you are affiliated with.

2. Locate forums where people interested in the product might hang out. Do a search for a keyword followed by forum. Try and think of all the different related subjects that might have forums and identify as many as possible.

Once you have identified your forums visit them all and join the ones that allow posters to add a signature file to their posts. Add a signature, which will usually be done in your profile. Then get involved in conversations be useful whenever possible and every time you post an item your affiliate link will be displayed.

3. If you have an eBay account then create an About Me page and include details of the affiliate program there. Click help and search for About Me at eBay to find instructions on creating your page.

Whenever you list an auction include a line at the top of the description that invites viewers to visit your About Me page. In our example you might say visit my About Me page for a copy of our free ebook.

4. Locate sites that have visitors that might be interested in the product that you are affiliated with especially those that have a mailing list or an ezine. Then contact the site owner and suggest that they join the affiliate program. If they join you will earn a percentage of any commissions that they earn.

5. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. With so many things success comes down to numbers. The more site owners you contact and the more forums that you post at the more commission you will earn.

Do all of the above and you will earn money for no investment, it may take time and might start slowly but it will happen.

Darren Power is the author of 'The Money Seed' a guide dedicated to helping you get started with your own online business. You can join The Money Seed affiliate program at and you can download a free copy of Making Money Online at

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