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Handling Unprofessional Employees

As a manager you have many challenges to face. With all the various personalities that you need to manage it can often be seen as a big challenge on how to approach them and how to make everyone work together in a cohesive environment. There are going to be some unprofessional employees that simply do not want to work or just do not understand workplace ethics. How are you going to handle these difficult personalities? Since your employees are really the image of the company you need to find a way in which you can work with them and effectively manage them so they don't give off a bad appearance to the organization.

The lack of professionalism in an office will make the company seem unorganized and people may not think you really know what is going on. It can easily cost you customers if you are not careful. The employees that are engaging in behaviors that are detrimental to the company need to be called out on and you need to give them a wakeup call.

If this is the first time you have seen this employee acting this way, you can quietly explain to them that this behavior is not tolerated. Give them a first-time warning so they straighten up right away. Other employees that have been allowed to get away with unprofessional behavior will continue to do it. This is why you have to stop it before it really has a chance to start. A simple warning is a great way to start. If the employee does not heed the warning and they continue to engage in toxic behavior it is important that you move onto stronger discipline.

Observe your employees, especially if there has been a complaint about one of your employees. You need to see what is going on first-hand. Make notes of their behaviors and of their attitude. Record the date and time of all these different events so you have something to reference when you are disciplining the employee. This way you have undisputable evidence about their behavior and it will be hard for them to think up a quick lie when you are saying you saw them acting in this unprofessional way.

You need to be stern but not too harsh. Your employee does need a chance to explain themselves. Perhaps they are struggling to get along with another employee or there is some drama at their home that is carrying over with them to work. Point out what the rules and code of conduct is for the company so they can clearly adhere to it for the future.

Listen to the employee so they feel like they have a chance to really explain themselves. You need to be fair and listen to their defense even if you do not agree with it. Try to understand their reasons and then move forward with the company policies. Clearly explain what the plan of action is going to be and to make it known that the behavior they have engaged in is simply not acceptable for this company.

You will offer a warning to them and ask them if they are willing to change. If they are ready to make a change and stay committed you can move forward. There may be some people that remain stubborn and this may come down to a point where you need to part ways with the employee. Again, gather evidence for your reasons to fire them. Underperformance is one thing or engaging in behavior that is detrimental to the company and it's image is another valid reason to fire an employee.

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