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How do I get H.R. information for my small business?

A small business owner must wear several hats when running his own business. One of the most crucial to the success of your business is your employees.Yet many small business owners in the overwhelming challenge of running their company day to day often neglect the Human Resources factor that will make their company successful in the long run.The savvy small business owner will educate himself about all things involving Human Resources in order to hire and retain the quality of employees that will help insure long-term profitability. But many small business owners struggle as to where they can find the information they need.Here is what you need to know about getting Human Resource information for your small business-

  • Start with your State Department of Labor.In order to be compliant on Human Resources laws it is crucial that all small businesses check in with their state organization that regulates labor laws.This is also important to do since every state does have slightly different labor laws so relying on something you find on the internet or what someone says could mean you are in violation of the labor laws where your business resides.Most states have the contact information posted on their web site.
  • Do not overlook the internet.There are many reputable websites on the internet that can teach you about Human Resources issues.These issues generally deal with employee/employer relations, employee/employee relations, benefits and other non-legal compliance issues.Just make sure that you are using a reputable site for reference and you can gain a lot of information in a short time searching the web.
  • Consider using a Human Resources consultant.Like everything else today there are consultants who for a fee will come into your company and organize your Human Resources department.This is especially helpful if you are a small company that perhaps does not need (or cannot afford) a full-time Human Resources person.These consultants should be familiar with the labor issues in your state of business and up-to-date on the best way to organize and run your Human Resources department. While will you will pay a fee for their help the money you invest can go a long way toward your success.
  • Check with your tax accountant.Many tax accountants are familiar with the needed structures for the set-up of payroll and other benefits to your employees.They often have software they can recommend that will help take care of these tasks.While they may not have all the information you will need in dealing with your employees they can often offer substantial help toward the financial end of things that involve your employees.In addition many tax accountants now offer payroll systems.Many small business owners find it much more cost effective to have someone run their payroll freeing them up for other tasks.
  • Network with other small business owners. One of the best things small business owners can do is to network with other business owners.This give you a chance to see what other companies are doing and gain access to resources you may not have thought of.Asking other small business owners how they handle Human Resource issues can open the door to developing a process that will work for your company.Check with your community to determine if there is a Business Alliance or Chamber of Commerce that will fit your needs and put you in touch with other small business owners.
  • Educate yourself.Many business colleges offer online courses in Human Resources.This enables the business owner who in years past would have had to leave his office to attend a seminar or class to study up on issues for his or her business right from his computer. A quick check online will help you determine if there are Human Resources classes that would help you.

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