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Do You Know How To Write An Executive Summary?

What is an executive summary and how can you create one for your business? An executive summary is used in your financial reports, specifically in your annual report that you provide to investors. It provides a brief overview of what your organization has been able to accomplish throughout the past year and excitement for the future direction of the company. The executive summary is one of the financial documents that you need to have that really impresses investors and convinces them to provide you with money to grow your business.

An executive summary needs to be well written or you will end up losing the attention of the reader. The plan needs to show lenders that you are committed to the success of the future of the company and that you need to be organized and prepared to really grow the company.

Small business owners need to be aware of the type of investors that are out there to invest money into your company. You want to find an investor that will be able to really help you grow the business. The problem that some companies face is that investors want to see your company growing for a couple of years before they will invest money. Keep in mind that only about 3% of small businesses are funded by investors. Since this number is pretty low, it shows the importance of having a great executive summary to follow up with your business plan so you can convince investors of the importance of your company and the financial progress that it is showing. Smart investors will do a lot of research and will make their decision, allowing you to gain the money that you need or they may provide you with some other suggestions on what to do in order to strengthen the company and to make it financially successful.

Read over the executive summaries of other small businesses. You need to find out what type of things they add to their summaries in order to see what elements stand out. The goal of the executive summary is to get the attention of the investor and to get them to ask you for a meeting. If you can do this, you will be able to at least have a shot at getting funding for your business. With the meeting you must be able to really impress the investor. Have a great presentation to show them in order to really intrigue them as to why they should invest in your organization.

With a business plan, no one will take time to actually sit there and read through the entire report. This is why the executive summary has to be so convincing. It needs to show the investor just enough information to get their interest and then you and your salesmanship will need to do all the rest at convincing the lender.

The best thing you can do to convince a person to invest in your company is to take the time to get to know the person you are talking to. You have to understand what motivates them to invest in small businesses and to seek out the things that they find interesting and what type of things they like to hear in presentations. Tell them what you are doing with your business and then be clear with them about the direction that you are taking your business.

A small niche market is harder to sell to investors so you need to show them that you can expand this niche and will be able to have a larger presence. The more they are able to see that you can grow the company, the easier it will be for them to believe in your company and to invest money into it.

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