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How to retain customers for your small business

Every business is doing everything they can to retain the customers they already have, but for small businesses who are struggling to grow, customer retention can often mean the difference between succeeding or having to shut their doors. Studies show that for any business, 80% of the sales are made by existing customers. This means that business owners everywhere need to focus on showing their existing customers how much they need and appreciate them. Small business owners, who are working to grow their business, will make sure that their customer service focuses on retaining the customers they have.

It is important to realize that one of the benefits of working to retain your customers is that you don't have to sell them on your products or services; they are already there to buy from you. Rather you need to focus on providing them with the highest degree of customer service that lets them know how much you appreciate them. Best of all by providing this type of customer service, you are sure to capitalize on one of the best ways to market your small business-word of mouth. Here is what you need to know about how to retain customers for your small business-

Always be working to increase your business' visibility-

Step # 1 - Increase your visibility
You need to give your customers more opportunities to learn about your business. You want to not only develop a website but make sure you have a quality website that is easy for the customers to navigate and one that provides them with quality content and value. There are multiple ways you can increase your visibility online, one way is to launch a pay-per-click campaign or some type of online marketing campaign where you will connect with your customers and help them find your website.

Step # 2 - Start a blog
Do you really want to offer good information to your customers? You need to start a blog. Blogging helps customer retention because you are able to educate your customers and offer them advice and tips. A blog is a great place to answer and address customer issues. You can interact with your customers on the blog as they can post comments about the information you are posting, which helps you gain a little more insight into your customer's world.

Step # 3 - Focus on their needs
Send out customer surveys to find out more about your customers. What are their needs? Are you creating products that they actually like and ones that they want to buy? Find a way to meet their demands and a way to keep them happy with your company. Customer surveys can be done online where you post a link to a page on your website through a social media site or other avenues. Having your own survey built right into the website can help you gather information for a lower cost.

You can hire some market research companies to help you gather all the right information you need from your customers but it can get expensive so you want to do you best to collect this information on your own. Take what you can from the surveys and turn it into a positive thing for your business where you address these needs and do you best to fix them.

Tip # 4 - Develop customer satisfaction
To build stronger relationships with your customers, you need to work on keeping your customers satisfied. Customer satisfaction comes down to the way in which your employees interact with the customers and how they treat them. As long as the customers are feeling appreciated and respected by the company, it will be easy to set up a good marketing strategy where you will build better relationships.

Tip # 5 - Better marketing
Launch a thank-you campaign where you will thank your existing customers for their services. If they feel that you notice them and that you appreciate them, you will be able to develop life-long customers.

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