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Things to consider when naming your small business

One of the most important things that you will do, when you become a small business owner, is choose a name, for your company. This is an important step since the name you select will let your customers know who you are, what you have to offer, and will become the recognition tool, for your business. Because of the ramifications of the name of your small business there are important things to take into consideration, before choosing a name. Here are some things to consider when naming your small business-

  • You want a small business name that is memorable, but easy to spell-While you may think that creating your own word, for your small business is a good idea, keep in mind that if your customers can't spell it, you've lost a valuable marketing tool. You want to make sure that the name of your small business becomes part of the word of mouth advertising that you are looking to create. In addition, since many consumers will be looking for you online, you are going to want a name that they can easily spell to locate you.
  • You want a small business name with visual impact-When your customers think of the name, of your small business, you want them to have a visual image. That can be difficult if you choose a name that is hard to pronounce or even spell. Most of all the name of your small business should provide a picture of what your business does and offers to its customers. Remember that even the name of your small business, should help you advertise what it does
  • You want a small business name that has a positive connotation-While it can seem artistic or creative to have a "different" name, you want to make sure that your small business name has a positive ring to it. You want your customers to look on your small business in a positive way, and what you name it will have a lot to do with that. In addition, take into consideration what your company does. If you there are adjectives that reflect well on your business, you may want to consider using them in your small business name.
  • You want a small business name that communicates what your company does-Part of a successful small business name is adding in what your business. Whether it is landscaping, hair design, or baking, using these action words in the name, lets your customers know right away what you have to offer them. Think of the core product or service of your small business, and see if there is way to work that into your business name. Keep in mind that when you include these information in your small business name, it also makes it a lot easier, for your potential customers to find you in a phone book or online.
  • You want a small business that is fairly short-Again, while creativity may strike you to make up a unique, long, and creative name, keep in mind that you want something that automatically springs to mind, when your customers think of what you do. When you have a shorter small business name, it is far more likely that your customers will be able to bring that name to mind, when they are considering the solution, for their need or want. In addition, you need to think of the logistics of your small business name. You need a business name that will fit onto signs, business cards, and letterhead. You want your small business name to have impact, and keeping it short is great way to do just that.
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