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Small business insurance


Insurance is something that everyone has to have.If you own a car you have to have it, not just because it is illegal not to have it, but because if you got in an accident, you could ruin yourself financially.The same is with a house.And with a small business.You may not think that it is really important, but there are many things that you need to cover when you are a small business owner.Let's look a little more into small business insurance.

First off, small business insurance covers a lot.It covers things like property, liability, life insurance, and worker's compensation.Each is vital to your company and needs to be on your small business insurance policy.Property coverage is essential if you have things that are expensive and even if they aren't.Any loss to your company will be devastating.If you have tons of packages that are ready to be shipped and you have a fire and they all get destroyed, you will have wasted tons of time and money on making and preparing the packages, let alone the actual cost of the materials you used.

Liability is also essential.It is an unfortunate fact, but executives and employees sometimes do things that aren't correct.Customers then sue companies.You don't want to have to settle a lawsuit with your own money or the savings of the company, and so you have insurance for it.It will cover anything that will happen to the company as a result of a mistake from someone.

Workers compensation is a program that is for any person that is hurt on the job.If an employee gets hurt on the job you will have to pay them.It is kind of like a lawsuit, but with an employee that was wronged by the company you own.Again, you don't want to have to pay out of pocket for something like this.

When you get insurance and are starting up, make sure that you do and don't do the following:

  • Get an insurance company that will do everything, it will save you time and money

  • Have insurance from the day you hire someone else and/or everything is official

  • Get a policy that will make the property coverage broad and not item specific

  • Keep up with your insurance- make sure that it gets larger as your company gets larger including adding things like equipment and employees

  • Get enough insurance for your company, too little is just about as bad as not enough

  • Get employment practices liability insurance

  • Have health insurance and other benefits for your employees, it brings it employees that you want and that will be loyal and will work hard for you

  • Don't forget about training your employees and reminding them about the importance of being safe

  • Always work with people who have insurance, like contractors who are remodeling your building

  • Set up direct deposit for your insurance so that it comes out automatically and you don't accidentally forget a payment and have your insurance cancelled

  • Always use a reputable insurance company and preferably the one that is the best

  • Always have flood or earthquake insurance if you are in an area that is prone to them, or might be, you can check before you purchase a building

  • Always be honest with your insurance provider, they can and will cancel you if they find out that you have not told them something that could be a risk to your business, it is also insurance fraud

  • Never ever cancel your insurance, you need it

Small business insurance is very important.You need it in order to make sure that you aren't forced to sell your business or go out of business.Not having health insurance and having medical bills is the number one reason why people declare bankruptcy in America.It is the same for business.Not having insurance will ruin you.It is only a matter of time before you get sued or something like a flood happens.

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