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12 ways to create a brand that resonates

hen you own a small business it is important to build a brand that resonates with your customers. You want them to be happy with you and your product or service. The following are twelve questions you can ask yourself to help you better understand your product and business and see it the way your customers do, so that you can work on making it a brand that resonates.

1. What is unique about my product or service? You want to think about this as your unique competitive advantage. What sets you apart or makes you special? If you can't come up with something, start thinking of something.

2. What is unique about ME and how does that enhance my product or service? Most small businesses are built around the owner, if you are passionate about what you do, it will usually show in your work.

3. How does it help others? People want to feel like your product or service benefits them in some way, improves their lives, or helps them. Ask yourself how your product does this?

4. How does it enhance the lives of my clients/customers? The goal of a product should be to add value to the lives of those that purchase it. If you can do this, you will have customers. Evaluateyour product or service and ask yourself if you can add more value to it.

5. How do clients tend to rate their experience with the company or product? If you are getting a lot of negative feedback, it is time to make a change.

6. Are clients telling others about your business? If they are, this is great, if they aren't, find out what they are not feeling good about, and find a way to change that.

7. How can you make it easier and more exciting for clients to spend the word about good experiences? Consider customer referral programs and rewards.

8. Are you doing anything to thank customers for their business? They are your lifeline, so you should be consciously and regularly thanking customers for their business. This can be by sending out coupon codes, and other discounts, actual thank you's and more.

9. Are there any ways I can make my product or service more affordable for customers from time to time? In other words, can you offer sales, promotions and discounts occasionally? How about tying them in to the holidays?

10. What are the most common words I hear others use to describe their experience of my product or service? Take these words to heart, if you do not like them, do something to change them.

11. How can I use those words in order to gain future clients? Can you use the commonly used descriptive words to help future clients better understand your product or service. Information is good!

12. If more people are not made aware of my offering, what are they missing out on? This is a great question to ask. If you can't come up with a compelling reason why others should hear about what you have to offer, then you will not have a brand that resonates.

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