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5 ways to build exceptional brands

If you want to build a great brand, you have to take the time to know what it means to build a great brand, and how to do it. The following are five tips for building an exceptional brand. When applied, you will be on your way to brand greatness.

1. Know your own brand- What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What motivates you to define and shape your business as you have? What values do you base your business on? What has lead to the business you lead? Knowing the motivations of a business, as well as understanding what it is good at and not good at helps you to create an authentic brand that resonates with others.
2. Share your story- Part of creating an exceptional brand is having a value system or a purpose, and sharing that with others. Your employees, customers, investors, stake holders, etc. should know what drives you, what your purpose is, and what values motivate you. This will attract people, especially if they hold the same values in esteem. This is what gives your brand likability and a trustworthiness. It is when people can relate.
3. Be seen. It can be tempting in the business world to spend all of the time behind a screen, a faceless name, that keeps their head down, and does their job. However, if you want to create an exceptional brand, it is time to spend some time out of the office. You need to get out there, and let people see the people behind the business. Meet and greet customers, talk to people, get a good feel for what people want, and be seen. Spend at least half of each working day outside the office being seen, and seeing what your market needs from you.
4. Make the investment. Too many people want a great brand, but are not willing to invest the time and money needed to make their brand great. You have to write articles, do media interviews, public speaking, etc. and pay money to make your brand known. You have to put yourself out there as a public figure, and a brand worth seeing, If you do not do this, people will not see your brand, and you will not be easily recognizable. It takes time commitment. It takes a money commitment. You can't do it half heartedly, you have to go for it.
5. Use what you have. Leverage the tools available to you, including social media and networking. Spending time on LinkedIn each day, blogging, tweeting, connecting with people on Facebook. These are all valuable tools for building an exceptional brand. You want to write articles to post on submission sites, and built a digital footprint that is undeniable. That way, when people look for you, they find you, and they can see that you are really big. They need to know you matter. Use the web as leverage to build your brand.

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