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Creativity is untapped dollars

Creativity is one of the most untapped dollars a business has. If the people you have working for you are not allowed to use their creative minds to improve and better your business, then you are not leveraging what you have. It is important to recognize that most products are out there. If there is something that people really need, chances are it exists. Thus, in order to tap into a larger market share, and get some money out of the things you have (equipment as well as intellectual capital), you have to be creative.

Think outside the box-The first thing you can do to think outside the box as a small business is to change your thinking patterns from obstacle thinking to opportunity thinking. Look at your market and commit to looking at the difficult areas in your market as opportunities to improve your service, your product, or your marketing. Instead of problems, look at things as opportunities for growth. It is amazing how this simple shift in mindset can open up the doors of possibility for your business to succeed. Then get creative with how you are going to turn these obstacles into opportunities. For example, if you find that you just aren't engaging enough customers, look for creative ways to do so, going above and beyond the norm.

Let people do what they are good at- Next, if you want to tap into the untapped dollars in your business it is time to let your employees really shine. Let them do what they are best at. You would not ask Lance Armstrong to compete in a rowing competition. You would put him on a bike. So stop putting your employees in areas that they may do fine at (Lance is a great athlete, so he will probably do well with any sport), rather let them shine. If you aren't sure what they do best, ask them, and do aptitude tests and evaluations. It might surprise you how many untapped talents you have in your company.

Enjoy the creativity- Business leaders are not the ones that are following other people's footsteps. They are blazing the trails, trying new things, and yes, sometimes failing, but becoming smarter and stronger as a result. Do not let yourself be afraid of creativity. Rather embrace it and enjoy the benefits and the ride. It might surprise you to see how much easier it is to get a handle on your goals if you let yourself think outside the box for a change.

Creativity can be very profitable when applied within the confines of a structure, a vision, and a plan. Know where you are planning to go, have a vision for your company, and allow creative steps for getting there. Engage your customers, seek to constantly improve, and put your best foot forward on your path to your vision.

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