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3 pillars of customer service

If you want to have happy clients, and be able to market your business successfully, you have to know and commit to the three pillars of customer service. No small business will survive in today's world without embracing these great tools for customer service. When you use these tool

1. Invest in intuitive web-based tools. One of the most important things you can do for your customers is to make sure that you do not miss any of their communications. Unfortunately, you can't do everything, and so if you are not careful, some of these can fall through the cracks. In order to be more efficient in managing your customer communications (especially if you have a high volume of them), is to consider and invest in an intuitive web based tool that will help you create a smart workflow, and a centralized base for all of your customer responses. This will help you organize, sort, and respond to the hundreds or thousands of communications you get.
2. Be passionate about your customers. You will never achieve the levels of customer satisfaction you want if you do not make customer service a part of your company culture. Every employee should be making choices that improve the lives of the customers. Make the customer your focus, and you will see your products improve, your employees improve, and, thankfully, your sales improve. Customers want to feel valued, and if you are passionate about them, and make them your focus, they will be passionate about you in return. Customers want to know that you are trying to improve their life and that you really do care what happens to them. Keep this in mind when speaking to and dealing with customers, as this will make a difference.
3. Remember to work with other departments. There is nothing more frustrating as a customer to call in to a company and be transferred from department to department, getting different non-answers. It makes you wonder if no one ever talks to people outside their department. Customer service needs to be a company wide policy, and should be supported by a company that communicates between departments so that everyone is on the same page. If every person in the company, from the engineers to the front desk receptionists makes it their goal to provide excellent customer service, the customers will feel this, and respond positively to it. The company will benefit, and the customer will benefit, creating a nice win-win situation for everyone.

Your customer service does matter. A great product will not get very far in this world if the customer service is not there to back it up. If you can incorporate these three pillars of customer service into your daily regime, and get all of your employees on board, you will find that happy customers are profitable.

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