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What Does Your Management Style Mean To The Bottom Line?

Do you have a unique management style that others can respect? Do you have a management style that is controversial or one that people tend to hate? If you have a higher turnover rate, it is likely that it is tied to your management style and people may not appreciate working for you. How about looking at the various management styles that are out there so you can create a style that works well for you and one that others will be able to respect and appreciate?

A great manager is a person that knows how to listen to others. You have to look at your listening skills and to determine if you have what it takes to be a manager. You need to be sensitive to the needs of your staff members and to respond to their wishes and desires. Listening is more than eye contact and nodding along. You need to really understand what your employees are saying and to learn from them. Look for ways in which you can improve yourself as a manager just by learning how to listen to others. Take on constructive criticism as it can really make you into a better manager and a well respected person.

A great manager is a person that actually takes time to get organized. You need to become a person that is "on top of it" when it comes to your job. You want people to see that you know what you are doing and that it's easy for you to stay focused on moving the company into the future. Being organized is an effective way to help the company to grow and develop but also to prevent you from becoming bored with the company. You will have priorities of things to do so that you aren't just doing the same old thing all the time.

How well do you stay in touch with your employees? Proper communication is one of the things that you need to work on if you would like to be a great manager. People need to be able to get in touch with you when they need you but they also need to be able to know that you listen and respond to them. Use more than emails and make yourself available with certain office hours and other things. Learn to set deadlines and clearly communicate these deadlines and other things with your employees so you can all stay on the same page together. Clear communication is the best thing that you can do in order to make yourself into a great manager that people respect.

Do you spend time actually training your employees? You need to look into the training programs and things that you are using in order to make your bottom line profitable. Some training programs barley cover anything while others can be quite effective. You should plan on attending training seminars and programs on your own as well as planning to have your employees in the training programs and things for weeks versus days. When people have more of a chance to train and learn necessary skills, they are less likely to become overwhelmed with customer questions and difficult situations.

As a manager you need to get in touch with everyone and be in charge of helping them all to get along. Cooperation is essential in helping people to understand each other and to making sure the workload is getting done. Cooperation goes right along with teamwork as you have everyone working together to improve the bottom line for the company and to create a successful organization.

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