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Small Businesses Need To Focus On Computer Security

Computers are open to many threats without the help of falconstor. Viruses sweep into your systems, potentially clogging any entrance into programs or any way to stop them. They are invasive little buggers that take over and take control from you. Your small business could be attacked by the worst kind of virus if you do not have the best kind of protection for the whole computer network. Using a traditional security program can help a little bit in keeping your system safe but it doesn't prevent everything that can easily happen when you are dealing with large storage servers and other things. Keeping your company information safe is vital to the success of your company and maintaining a high reputation with your customers. The following are reasons to protect your business with good computer security.

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Speeding Up A Slow Computer

A slow computer is the bane of modern man and woman's life experiences in the 21st century; speeding up a slow computer can help everyone live a more fulfilling virtual life while at the same time increasing the opportunity for both productivity and viewing funny cat videos.There are several things that anyone can do to help improve the performance and speed of a slow computer.None of them are to take it to the car and drive down the highway at 75 miles per hour.Instead, things like appropriate virus protection, defragmentation and a virtual computer cleanup will help make a computer faster.
Viruses, Trojan horses, malware and adware can all adversely affect the speed of a computer.By installing the best virus protection, computer users can help maintain and even increase the speed of their computers.Virus protection can not only help prevent infection and warn of web sites that may be responsible for harmful downloads, but it can also help remove viruses from an infected computer.Weekly scans should be the minimum, but if a computer seems to be slow, they can be done more often.

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Keeping Your Computer Information Protected

Keeping your computer information protected is easy - never connect to the internet.That's it.Of course, that's not very practical advice, so there are some other things that you can do to keep the information protected.

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What is a registry cleaner and why do I need one?

If you've suffered attacks of slow computer processing times or sudden errors in your computer programs, someone may have suggested that you use a registry cleaner.There are varying opinions on whether registry cleaners work, but the simple answer is, yes. If you use a cleaner correctly they will help control the problems you've encountered on your computer.It also helps with the performance of your machine.

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The use of computers in business

Just about everyone uses a computer anymore. Whether you use it in your personal life or in a business setting, you are likely connected to the computer in one way or another. Computers have been an key part of business for many years. IT developers are always looking for new ways in which they can create programs for their company and to use what resources they have to create programs to benefit their customers. Computers make completing a task take less time and they also help to create better quality of work along with getting more stabilized overall within your company.

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Knowing what to look for when shopping for a gaming PC

Are you a gamer? What type of computer should you look for if you want to play your favorite video games? How about shopping for a PC that has value and is built with a gamer in mind? There are a lot of PCs out there that claim to be gamer friendly but when you install your numerous games on them, you may find out that they don't work the way you'd hoped. Understanding how to shop for a gaming PC will allow you to find one that fits your needs and your budget and will bring about clear gaming visuals among other things.

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Do you have a computer virus?

There are so many threats to our computers that it can be challenging for us to protect them. Anti-virus programs are good to use and can scan the computer and help to keep it clean. There are some viruses and things that can still sneak through and can lead to great concerns. Consumers might not be able to tell if they have a virus or problem with their system until it is too late. How can you tell if there is a virus running on your system? It helps to know the warning signs and to use a professional software program that will be able to scan the system daily and will also scan it when you are using the system in order to ensure that your computer is free from issues. There are a lot of programs out there and if you don't want to spend the money on the programs like McAffee or Norton you can find other programs like AVG as they do a great job and help to protect your computer. Here are some of the warning signs to watch for if you are concerned that you have a computer virus:

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Clean up a slow PC

There are so many different things that can happen to your computer that keeping it safe can be a big challenge. For many people a PC that runs slowly or one that tends to freeze and crash can be the largest concerns. Cleaning up a slow PC is one of the best options you have to extend the life of the computer and to reduce your annoyance when using the system. If your computer continues to freeze on the internet and you have a lot of issues with it, you do have some options that will allow you to speed it up and prevent you from needing to reboot every time it freezes.

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Careers in Information Technology

If you want to work in an industry that literally has job security for life, the career field of Information Technology is for you. IT is a growing field and it is one that will allow you to do a lot and will help you to make yourself marketable and available for a number of other companies. The one thing to know about IT is that it is a very broad industry so if you want to make a good living you really do need to narrow down your options in order to make yourself into a success. You have a lot of various positions that are out there and they can all differ. Find your niche and know what you are good at if you want to become successful with a career in IT.

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The new Magic trackpad and what it means for Apple

Are you constantly on your computer? Are you either working or exploring the internet?When we use our computer daily, we find what we do like and what we don't like about our computers.There are options that will help us achieve what we are trying to do and other options that can hold us back.There are also different types of software that we can purchase.But why spend all that time and money when you can buy something as simple as the Magic trackpad from Apple.

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The DaVinci Wireless pen tablet reviewed

It looks like tablet computers are the new wave of the futures are just about everyone wants one or has one. The DaVinci wireless pen tablet is a great device for anyone that is in need of wanting the clearest possible wireless communication. What it will do it provide you with everything you could possibly need on a tablet computer and it also offers a PC pen input that is very simple to use.

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Tablet computers are the new craze

If you haven't heard of the iPad and other tablet computers, it's time to come out of your cave and get back in touch with the latest and greatest technology. The iPad and the Dell streak are both revolutionizing the way in which we keep in touch with pertinent information.

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Evaluating the Dell Streak

When Apple introduced the iPad tablet computer, it sent a number of tech junkies into a frenzie. Now it seems like every company out there is eager to compete with Apple and they all have their own tablet computers in the works. Dell is of course one of the leading home computer system manufacturers and they want to make sure their name is out there as well to compete against Apple. They have created a new tablet computer called the Dell Streak. This offers so many cool advantages over the iPad but it does of course come with some drawbacks you need to be aware of. Here are some things to know if you are interested in purchasing the Dell Streak.

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Things to consider before buying a desktop computer

Buying a desktop computer can be an overwhelming, exciting and also confusing experience. There is such a wide variety of computers, available on the market, that choosing just one seems almost impossible. However, if you take the time to do your homework and really understand what you are looking for, and how you will use your computer, the entire computer shopping experience can be a lot more manageable and even fun! Most importantly by taking the time to do your research, you can make sure that you are not paying too much for a desktop computer, that will not fit your needs. Here are some things to consider before buying a desktop computer-

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The pros and cons of PC's

Computers have become an integral part of everyday life, both personally and professionally, for most people. If you are in the market, for a new computer, for either your home or office, it is important to take the time to do the necessary amount of research. You need to know what will work best, for the needs that you have. This means that there are several different factors to consider. Today, most computers are divided into two categories: PC or Mac. This article will focus on the pros and cons of PC's-

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The pros and cons of Mac computers

Today, there have never been more choices available, for anyone who is looking to purchase a computer. From online stores, to computer giants, you can virtually find a computer, for every budget and function and imaginable. However, this wide choice of computers can often make buying one, overwhelming and confusing. It is important to take the time to do the needed research, so that you are fully happy with the computer you end up with. Generally, most people start with one of the biggest classifications of computers, PC or Mac. Understanding and knowing what each type of computer can and cannot do, will help you to determine what you are looking for in a computer. Here is what you need to know about the pros and cons of Mac computers-

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How to choose a computer monitor

If you need a new computer monitor, (or you are buying a computer monitor, for the first time), there are certain factors, that you need to take into account. One of the first considerations that you need to take into account, is what kind of work, you will be doing on your computer. For example-You will need a computer monitor with a high resolution if you are doing detailed work, such as graphic design, or if you want bright colors, you might want to buy a computer monitor with a glossy finish. Once you have decided what type of work you will be doing on the computer, you then make a better determination, on what type of computer monitor to buy. Here is what you need to know about how to choose a computer monitor-

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EZIO 17 inch flex-scan monitor

On October 5, 2010 EIZO Nanao Corporation made a big announcement that will impact hospitals, researchers, businesses, educational institutions and many others. They introduced the 17-inch FlexScan T1751 LCD monitor.

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Features you should consider before buying a computer

There are important key features that every computer should have. Savvy consumers will take the time to educate themselves about what these features and how they impact their purchasing choice. Taking the time to consider these features and how they will affect how you use your computer, will help you to make the right choice, when purchasing a computer. In addition, purchasing a computer, whether for home or business use, can be an expensive proposition, so knowing exactly what you need, is important.

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Tips for buying a new computer

accountant37004113.jpgIf you need to buy a new computer, simply going to a computer store can overwhelm you with all of the choices. However, there are some tips that can help you make the best decision possible, when it comes to buying a new computer. While there are many different factors to take into account, if you follow some guidelines it can make the process easier. Here are some tips for buying a new computer-

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Toshiba's wipe technology

manatcomputer16486602.jpgHaving all of the new technology on and for your computer can be a challenge.Many of the new technologies and software's that are becoming available cost a high amount of money and can take time to be delivered to you.Yet some of these technologies can be worth the wait and are defiantly worth the money.One of the newest technology programs that is available for you to purchase is Toshiba's wipe technology.This is a system that you can install onto your computer to keep your documents safe and secure.This can be very beneficial if your computer becomes lost or stolen or you decide to replace it with a newer model.Protecting yourself and your information is very important.There are many ways that your identity can be stolen.Don't let a lost or stolen computer be the way your identity gets taken or you personal information is given to the public.

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The Stealth PC

internalcdplayer36824792.jpgWith technology constantly changing and new things being released all the time, there are so many different options if you are in the market for a PC. The older computer models took up a lot of room in your home and most people have found that they are a rater inconvenient option.Thanks to Stealth, you can purchase their new LPC-100 which is ideal for anyone looking for a smaller PC. This small device can actually fit right into your hand and it's very fast.

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Plastic spintronic computer memory device

concernedman19185284.jpgJust about every computer company is seeking new solutions that will allow them to develop better computers using less plastic and other things. Spintronics is working on a few new solutions that you may find impressive, one of which is the plastic computer spintronic computer memory. What does the plastic spintronic computer memory device do? It needs less power for one because it is being charged by the spin of the electron charge.

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Kmart tackling Tablets?

onbutton63307285.jpgWith all the new technology that is being produced, it is hard to keep up on what is out there for you to purchase and what is not available to purchase.We have many options to choose from when it comes to cell phones, computers and even televisions.A newer and growing more popular each day to purchase is a tablet.The most common tablet you hear about Apple's iPad, but a new release has been made and that is the Gentouch78 by Android.You can purchase this tablet at Kmart; either at a store or online.

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How memristor circuits are changing everything!

computerinternal65286488.jpgEveryone has a computer in today's society.There are large computers and small computers, some computers are small enough to sit on our lap or be stored in a purse.Even our phones are considered a computer that we use every day.Anything that you can store information onto, access the internet and use as your daily calendar is a type of computer.The world continues to thrive and grow with computers and technology.We put a lot of information on our computers also.This information can be your personal information, pictures of your family and friends and your work information and documents.You can put just about anything on your computer.You also need to have a good memory on your computer to keep all your information safe and secure.With all the new technology in the world, finding the system that works for you can be a complicated one.Stop worrying and looking for one, get yourself a memristor circuit when they are available and have no more worries about your computer and what is stored on it.

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Faster USB drives with USB 3.0

USB19143376.jpgIn today's society and economy, it is almost impossible to survive without a computer.Computers are used for just about everything.Our cell phones are now computers, we have small computers we can carry on airplanes with us, iPods are computer used to listen to music and watch movies, and we have computers at our desk.Our desk and home phones are even computers we use every day.Without computers, we would not be able to take on the world and challenges to complete our tasks at hand.Every day there are new improved ways and new technologies being released to better the computers when own and use.There are different memory programs being released and there are also new USB devices being released to help speed up the performance of our computer.

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Gearing up for the new iTouch

womanlookingaroundcorner23505855.jpgWe all have one.We use it all the time.While walking, running, working out or just cleaning the house.Some of us have lost ours, have worn it out, replaced it and upgraded.Now, the newest version is coming out and we just can't wait.The new iPod iTouch.It is new and improved and ready to face the world of technology.There have been additions and upgrades that our supposed to "knock our socks off" and impress us.Let's get ready.

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Using high contrast keyboards to type better in the dark

keyboard30458580.jpgThere are many different reasons to why people use computers.There are some people who use computers for work, others who use computers for entertainment and there are the new users to computers who are learning how to use the computer.The number of reasons to use a computer is endless and growing every day.No matter the reason we have to use a computer, we are all guilty of being on the computer late at night.Many times when we are on the computer late into the night, we leave lights off to not disturb other people in the house.If you are one of these people who work on the computer in the dark, look into investing into a high contrast keyboard to help you see your keys and keyboard in the dark.

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Touchscreen home automation with the Control 4

womanwithlaptop30719408.jpgTechnology is growing in today's society and economy at a rapid rate.There are a number of these technology items that we can purchase and have in our homes.There are some of these technology items that will need to be installed, while others need a few batteries.Some of the items are small and others are large.There are also some that you can use every day and others that you may not use hardly at all.Finding the right technology for your home and lifestyle may take some time and research.You want to find the right product you are looking for that will accomplish your task at hand.Start by researching and purchasing the Touchscreen home automation with the Control4 for your home.

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Things you should know about a computer before you purchase it

laptopandmouse45381940.jpgThere are certain key features that you should be aware of when you go to purchase a new computer. If you are aware of what these are and how they will impact your computer, it will be a lot easier to make the right choice. There is no denying the fact that purchasing a computer can be an expensive investment and you will want it to be the right one. Because of this is it important that you look for some particular features when you are out doing your computer shopping.

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Insider's Guide to the iPad

womanwithlaptop30719408.jpgThe announcement of the iPad on January 27, 2010 has changed the technology world forever. This computer device that is driven by the touch of your finger is amazing and has generated a lot of hype, disappointment, and respect from customers all over the world. If you have heard of the iPad and you want to learn more about it, keep reading on as we have developed an insider's guide to the iPad.

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Using wireless networks

cables19108619.jpgIf you have a laptop, MP3 Player, Xbox, or another WiFi device, you know the importance of using wireless networks. Wireless networks are highly advanced from the old wires of the past. You no longer need to string wires to every device when you want to access the internet. Now, most devices come with WiFi technology so all you need to do is coordinate them with your network and you can use the device to connect to the internet anywhere within the signal range. Bluetooth is one technology that is a wireless device. They allow cell phones to broadcast to them within a short range.

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Speeding up your computer

womansleeping19183079.jpgDealing with a slow computer can impact your business activities along with other things like your day-to-day internet browsing and saving some of your valuable files like pictures. If you have ever dealt with system freezes or those annoying messages that report errors when a program freezes, it is time to clean up your computer and make it run faster.

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Software to make your business more effective

accountant37004036.jpgBusiness owners must pay attention to new forms of technology that could impact the way they do business. One area business owners cannot afford to be stingy on is their payroll software. Payroll is big part of your company. If you don't have sufficient money in your cash reserves to cover payroll, you will wind up in a dangerous situation. Employees deserve to be paid on time, without proper compensation, they may not want to work for your company anymore and they could refuse to come into work until they are paid.

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Windows Vista pros and cons


It was the dream of Bill Gates to have Microsoft software on every personal computer, and that every household would own a computer running Microsoft software. This dream has largely been achieved, not only for America, but for a good portion of the developed world. Microsoft Windows became the number one selling personal computer operating system since its Windows 3.1 version in the early 90s. Since then, the 32 bit operating systems for home users have included Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows XP. Windows XP has been around the longest between new Windows versions. And now Microsoft has released its latest version of Windows called "Vista".

What are the advantages of Vista over its predecessors? With the internet and networking having become so prevalent in recent years, security has become one of the main things that needed to be addressed by Microsoft. Improved security for internet users has become one of the main advantages of Vista over XP. Microsoft has improved the ability of the user to find files and documents on the computer using an indexed search capability. The personal computer has become more and more of a media device in recent years, and so it's no surprise that Vista has included more media software, including DVD burner software, a more advanced media player, better slide shows and Windows Media Center so you can you use your computer as a control center for all your media needs.

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Mac versus PC for the business world


Apple Computers, with Steve Jobs at the helm in the early to mid-eighties, launched the Macintosh computer. This was more than just a computer with a fancy interface; it was a revolution in personal computing. The main competitor to Apple in those days was IBM, and the personal computer. Other manufacturers besides IBM made personal computers, and these were called "IBM compatibles".

The main difference between the IBM world and the Apple world is this: Apple wanted to control everything. They wanted to write all their own software, or control it very tightly. In the IBM world, third party software development exploded.Eventually, the PC would catch up to the Apple technology and surpass it in market share due to third party software developers.

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Choosing things for your company computers, what programs, how much ram?


Nothing is more frustrating to an employee than not having adequate tools to do his job. When you consider the cost of labor compared to desktop or laptop computer equipment, the cost of computer equipment is much less than what you would pay an employee who runs the computer. A business is much better off spending enough money to make sure that the employee's time is being spent on valuable work, and not on waiting for the computer to load programs, crunch away on virtual memory because he is out of RAM, or not having the right software tools to adequately do his job. That would be like bending over a dollar to pick up a dime.

What kind of hardware should a business computer have?

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How much memory does a digital video take on your computer?

One of the reasons why digital videos have such an appeal is because of the versatility that they offer.A digital video can be recorded and uploaded to an internet site to be ready for viewing in a manner of minutes.There is also a great deal of appeal in the fact that digital video can be edited and stored right on your home computer.However, there are a lot of downsides to your computer and your ability to fully take advantage of your digital video editing and viewing capabilities.Many people do not have computers with memories that can handle storing a digital video, let alone manipulate it quickly for editing.

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Getting the right computer system for playing with digital video

Getting the right computer system for playing with digital video. Choosing the right computer system is all about making sure that you have enough speed. The more the speed and ram your computer has, the better chance you have for higher quality videos.

There are some specs that when looking for the right computer system for your digital video plans. However, depending on the digital camcorder you get and DV system you get, it will all need to be linked together.

Here are the specs to check out:

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What is required to get VoIP services?

VoIP basic requirements are a broadband Internet connection and some type of communication tool, a computer, a VoIP service package and a VoIP phone or a telephone.

VoIP is voice over Internet protocol. This process is the use of the Internet to make local, long distance, and international phone calls.

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Is it possible to get free VoIP?

Getting free VoIP is simple and fast as long as you have a computer, a broadband Internet connection, a microphone and a headset.

There are a few services that at no cost you can use to make free computer-to-computer calls. However, if you want the hybrid VoIP service that makes calls with a phone to a phone, you will need to purchase the equipment and the service.

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Why don't running programs show in my taskbar

Once upon a time there was a task bar.(You know-that bar at the bottom of your screen that has the "start" button at one end and the time at the other end).You used to be able to see your task bar.You used to be able to see running programs in your taskbar.You could even click on those items and switch between programs.And then a dreadful thing happened.

They disappeared!

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Quad core processors - the future is here!

You've always been fairly on top of things in the way of technology.You were one of the first people to buy and use a cell phone on a consistent basis.You've always been eager to experiment with new technology as soon as it arrives.Everything from digital cameras to black berries, to laptop computers and plasma screen TVs-you've tried it all!

And when you heard about dual core processors, you were one of the first to jump on it.As a serious gamer, it seemed like the natural thing to do, and all your friends and co-workers were in awe of your super fast and efficient computer.After all, a dual core processor is pretty sweet.Who wouldn't want the benefits it offers?

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How do I move my old computer's hard drive to a new computer?

Adding a new hard drive device to your PC is a quick and simple process.However, there is not just one way to do it, no one size fits all.It can vary based on the type of computer you have and the type of hard disk.Adding a hard drive will mean opening up your PC and connecting the old drive in the right way to the right place.If you've never opened your computer before, fear not!Computer hardware may look intimidating, but the reality of it is that it is fairly user-friendly even for the most inexperienced techies.We will go through the basic steps involved with adding your hard drive

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How important are computer clock speeds?

The importance of computer clock speeds depends on the applications the computer will be designated to run. General office work makes little difference about clock speeds.If you are trying to do high-end graphics or gaming, then it could be considered more beneficial.

Clock speed is a measure of how quickly a computer completes basic computations and operations. Therefore, the importance of the computer clock speeds relies on several factors.

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How do I disconnect the touchpad on my laptop?


Most laptops with a touchpad have the ability to turn them off.However, each may have a slightly different method to turn them off.This article will cover a few of these methods and where to look for your specific computer.

You may find that using the touchpad when you are on the go can be very useful.However, when you are in a more permanent place, it may be easier to connect a `normal' mouse and use that instead of the touch pad.Touch pad technology has improved greatly from the first laptops, but they still take a little practice to get used to them.

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Dual core processors - are they worth it?

Are dual core processors worth getting?Do you want to spend the time and money finding the right processor for your computer?Are dual core processors worth buying at this point in technology? Will they be compatible with my computer?

For you, the answer may be yes, it's definitely worth your time and money to get dual core processors.For others, the answer is no.It may not be worth it to get a dual core processor at this point.Whether or not it is worth getting depends on your purpose and computer use. A person who only uses their computer for word processing may find it is not worth it, while the person whose whole life is on the computer will find it more worthwhile.

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AMD versus Pentium

So you've decided that you want a dual core processor.You've already asked yourself all the necessary questions to consider before getting one.Questions like "are dual core processors worth getting?Are dual core processors worth buying at this point in technology? Will they be compatible with my computer?"But you've decided that, yes, you do indeed want a dual core processor.Maybe you're a serious gamer and want to improve your game speed.Maybe you always have one thousand and one programs running on your computer and it can't handle it anymore and so you decide to get a dual core processor.

Whatever your reason is, you've made a good decision.Dual core processors offer great advantages over a single core processor.They can increase the speed of your computer, increase the efficiency of your computer (including making it more energy efficient!) and don't even use more power to run.

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I have no C drive but some programs insist on it. What can I do?

You may or may not have a C: drive on your computer.You don't have to have one.However, some programs want to be installed on the C: drive only.In these cases we can create a virtual C: drive on the hard drive that you do have.

The C: hard drive is assumed to be the boot drive.However, any drive could be assigned to be the boot drive.The boot drive is where all of the start up programs are held. Most computers have the C: drive as the boot drive so some programs insist on being loaded in that directory.If this is the case, you can make a virtual drive to act as the C: drive.

You do not want to reassign the drive of your existing boot drive to C: if it is currently F: or G: or any other letter.This would create more problems than you already have.You may not even be able to get your machine to boot.If you reassign letters, the software settings will still be pointing to the original drive and will not look for the newly assigned C: drive.

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How can I connect to my home computer from work?

You may have a need or desire to connect to your home computer from work.There are several factors that you must consider before trying to connect.Most importantly, will your work allow it and if it does will they help support it.

Your best method to find access to home would be to approach your IT department and see if they have software that supports access.Many companies realize that employees work at home and offer support to access files at home.Other companies feel that accessing home computers put their networks at risk because they can't control the security of home computers.If home computers are hacked by thieves then they could potentially gain access to the company through the home computer.

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How to clean your computer

stickynotelaptop45383060.jpg Keeping your computer and all of its parts clean can help keep your computer in good working condition.And depending on the environment in which the computer is kept will depend on how thoroughly you will have to clean it and how often.This article will give you some tips and suggestions on how to clean your computer and keep it running the way it was meant to run.

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Why Mac over PC?

keyboard30449648.jpg Macs and PCs have always been competing against each other.There are people who swear by Macs and people who swear by PCs.If you are one of those people who don't know which is best or don't really care, let me tell you why Macs are better than PCs.

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Top PC Manufacturers

manonlaptop30348010.jpg There are tons of companies that make PC's.There are some that aren't so good and some that are the top of the line, for PC's.When you buy a computer, you want it to last a long time and to be able to stand being used for a long time.To help you make your decision on what brand to buy, here are some top PC manufacturers.

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Tips for buying refurbished computers

kidwithcomputer19142569.jpg Buying anything big is always a huge task.You want to make sure you buy the best product out there.You want to make sure that you aren't spending tons of money too.You want to make sure it's going to last and not break the first time you drop it.When you buy a computer, you have to think about all these things too.But if you are buying a refurbished computer, there are a few more things you have to look for and be warned about.

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New computer technology

coupleoncomputer16472928.jpg Ever since the computer was invented, our world has been changing.We have gone from doing simple things with a computer, like creating a program to write what we are saying, to things so complex you wouldn't even believe it was possible.Let's look at some of those things that seemed so impossible even five years ago, that we are doing today.

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Turning on and off pop up blockers


If you spend much time on the internet, chances are you've come across some pop-up ads. These are most often advertisements for other websites or for various places. In some cases, they are ever inappropriate in nature and can display photos and ads for websites you don't want to visit. Other times, clicking on the ads can in turn put spyware and other malware on your computer.

However, there are a number of ways you can turn off these pop-up ads. You can download or buy software that will block pop-ups foryou, or you can simply use the settings on your internet browser.

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My computer tells me that a file does not have a program associated with it, what do I do?


Most of us love our computers. We need them for so many things. Emailing, blogging, looking up all that helpful information on the internet, and writing. These are just a few things that you can do with your machine. Most business these days requires that you use a computer. How would you function without a computer? Although we love these machines we know that they are extremely complicated. When they break most of us have no idea as to what to do. We spend lots of money to have a professional come and take a look at our machines even though we know that we could probably find out what is wrong fairly quickly. Without the training and without the time we need others to fix these sorts of problems. Technology is truly a mixed blessing. Perhaps you have found yourself standing and staring blankly at a computer screen, not sure what to do with a particular problem.

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My computer is slowing down - what should I do?


Most of us rely on a computer for almost everything. We need a computer that will work quickly and efficiently to provide us with the information we need. Most business today has something to do with computers, and most of our personal lives rely on communications run through computers. Not having a computer can seriously handicapp you and keep you from important opportunities. If you don't have one you probably know what this means. Computers are great tools, but they are also extremely complicated and require a fair amount of knowledge to maintain and use. When something goes wrong with your computer you are probably in a panic.

You think you will not be able to fix the machine because it is so complicated, or because it will cost so much to do so. In many cases this might be the case, but many problems are the result of software malfunctions or settings and not some sort of harware issue. Of course, if you drop your computer out a third story window you might be in trouble. However, many routine issues can be taken care of by yourself, or perhaps quickly by a professional. Before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at a computer store, see if there is an easy way to fix your machine yourself. One common problem that many computer users complain of is that there computer is slowing down. This might occur after several years, or even just months of use. How will you possibly fix this problem, and what causes it?

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How does the recycle bin work and how should I use it


There's a recycle bin with every computer. The recycle bin can also be called trash, garbage, or refuse. How does the recycle bin and work and how should you use it then? Let's talk.

The recycle bin is where all your deleted files go in order to make room on your hard drive for other files. Anytime you delete something from your computer be it a favorite website, any word documents or pictures that you have deleted. The recycle bin is easily found by the tiny little trash icon that represents it. Macintosh has had the trash can as part of the Mac operating system since the beginning and Microsoft introduced the recycle bin with Windows 95.

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how do I make my computer run faster


Most people today have to work with computers in some way or another. Wether you are trying to send emails, do complicated mathematical formulas or any number of other functions, a computer is absolutely essential these days. This is especially true with our reliance on the internet. We buy and sell online, design businesses, and enact serious transactions. All of this is done with the simple click of a mouse on a computer. Given that these machines are so serious for our well being and our futures, it is obviously important that all of us have decent computers.

A bad machine or a cheep one can suddenly break down or loose precious files. A lost file could mean the end of business, or at least a very serious and embarasing mistake. The problems that can come from a bad computer are endless and very grave. However, another problem we have probably all had to put up with is that our computers can be very slow. With all of the different types of programs available, and with their wide spread availability, many computers have so much going on that they cannot handle it all. With several processes going at once they can only move slowly. When you watch a movie, read email, write a paper, and compose an Excell file you might run into a slow down. This might only seem like an annoyance, but a major slow down could mean that your machine will not be able to fulfill its basic functions and purposes. So how can you make your computer run faster? This can be a difficult question to answer, but there are a few basic steps you can take that should help.

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How do I generate a SSH public key


If you are looking at accessing a computer over a secure channel you may need to generate a SSH public key. SSH uses a private/public key pair for identification purposes. The key pair is generated on your local machine or the client while the public key is then copied to the remote server or the host. The use of a SSH public key is a very secure way of administering a server.

Since SSH public keys are a good idea for security how then do you generate a SSH public key?
Here are some basic direction on how to generate a SSH public key.

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how do I delete my google search history


The internet is one of the best things to come along in quite some time. If you are like most of us you know how useful this thing is, how absolutely important it is to business and to many people's personal lives. We shop online, send emails, and write blogs. Many of us like to spend our free time just surfing around the web in order to find some sort of ammusing video or piece of interesting information. Many of us like to get rid of extra time at work while surfing the web. We spend hours a day looking at web pages. There is nothing wrong with this as long as it doesn't affect our lives in a negative way.

So while it can be interesting and fun to find lots of interesting websites, many of us would not like other people to know which sites we look at. Just as you might not want others to know what TV shows you watch, what food you eat, what radio stations you listen to, and who you call on the phone, you might also not want them know which email sites you look at. Naturally you can only figure out which sites people look at by going to their computer and looking at something called a browser history. A browser historykeeps track of all the different sites you have visited while surfing the net. It keeps track of the actual site address for each one. So how will you get rid of this trail of information left everytime you look at a website on the internet? And how will you do so if you use google, one of the most popular internet search engines?

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how do I delete my browsing history


We all love the internet. It is such a cool toy for surfing and getting information. Conversely, it is also a remarkable business machine that can allow us to make millions of dollars. The internet is here to stay and there is nothing that we can do about it. With so much information coming over the net, how do you keep yourself safe? You share very personal information when you send emails or go to certain websites. You would not want someone knowing what books you read or who you call on the phone. You would not want anyone to know what television shows you watch or what radio stations you listen to. The world wide web creates similar dangers.

There is a record on your internet server that keeps track of all the websites you visit. This can be a great tool because it allows you to go back and find the sites you have recently visited. If you want to find the cool antique car site you looked at three hourse ago you can do so easily. The only problem is that anyone else with accsess to your computer can see the same thing. They can also go back and find all the sites you visited and look at what you have been looking at. How does that make you feel? For some of us this does not matter, but there might be something private you do not want other people to know about. Because this is only your business, and if you do not want anyone else knowing about what sites you visit, you need to learn how to eliminate your browsing history.

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What to do when your computer video won't power up


Perhaps you have a big computer project due or simply need to sit down and get caught up on paying bills.You turn on your computer and the worse happens your computer video won't power up.While your first instinct may be to panic there are things to do if your computer displays no video.This can affect virtually every type of computer both Portable Computers and Desktop Computers.But the bottom line is if your computer won't display video, you will have to troubleshoot it. Please keep in mind that although your computer may display similar symptoms that prevent it from turning on, this article discusses what to do only if the computer won't display video, meaning the following symptoms happen when you press the power button:


  • You may hear a startup chime

  • - You may hear fan or drive noise

  • - You may see the power light on the computer light up

If your computer does not turn on, when you press the power button:

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What is lsass.exe and what should I do about it?


Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS), is a process in Microsoft Windows operating systems that is responsible for enforcing any of the security policy on the system. It verifies users logging on to a Windows computer or server, handles any password changes, and creates access tokens. Lsass.exe (the working program of LSASS) also writes to the Windows Security Log.

Perhaps the most common and important task that lsass.exe oversees is the access to the computer or server. Lsass.exe recognizes any restrictions on access to any information on the hard drive or the server, and will make sure that only recognized access codes or other login credentials will allow persons to interact with those data files. This means that lsass.exe comes into play each time someone logs into the server, or uses a desktop computer and gains access to password protected files.Forcible termination of the lsass.exe will result in the Welcome screen losing its accounts. Lsass.exe can also allow administrators or any user that is granted the proper privileges to make changes and updates to passwords and user profiles. For example, it is through lsass.exe that any authorized personnel may delete, change, or create new passwords and user files. Any and all changes that are made are noted in the Windows Security Log.This will prompt a restart of the machine; therefore lsass.exe should not be considered the Sasser worm.

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How do I backup my PC


Anyone who owns a computer has heard how important it is to backup your PC otherwise known as your personal computer. When you make a backup of your PC or the files on your PC you are keeping that information safe in a place other than your computer. If your PC would ever crash or those files become corrupted the backup will help you to restore the files you need or want.

There are different ways to backup your PC. You can backup your files by burning them onto a CD or simply putting them on a memory stick. You can also backup your PC on your own time schedule. Some people backup for every file while other backup their PC on demand. No matter how or when you backup your PC it will save important information that you don't want corrupted or personal things you will want to save like family pictures.

Every operating system has a way to back up your computer. It doesn't matter whether you have Windows, Linux, or a Mac you will be able to find information on the internet on how to back up each operating system. There is also plenty of software available that is specifically made for backup on a PC. Most of this software will guide you through the process of backing up your data and other pertinent information. There is free software you can use for backup and some you can pay for.

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Best registry cleaner


Your Windows registry is considered to be an integral part of your computer. Many people do not realize that if their computer ever freezes, crashes, shows errors, does not load applications, has a "blue screen" error, or even runs slower than before, there's a very good chance that they need their system registry cleaned. Unfortunately, fixing your registry can be a difficult task, (which should only be undertaken by a professional). It is important to know that just one tiny mistake can cause a permanent, irreparable error on your PC which would require a complete reformat.

But the good news is that you do not need to take your PC back to the store for expensive repair bills just yet!Now you can use specialized software known as "registry cleaners" which can safely detect registry errors and repair them automatically. There are several Registry Cleaner Reviews.You can consult the registry and compare products so you are sure to find the right application for you. Computer experts do recommend checking the date of the registry since new products are introduced all the time.Below you will find a review of some of the most popular registry cleaners.Here is what you need to know about finding the best registry cleaner:

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How can I access a Remote Desktop on XP Professional


There are two versions of Windows XP, XP Professional and XP Home Edition. The two editions are a little bit different than each other. When it comes to Remote Desktop, both versions have Remote Assistance. This is used as support technology to assist the help desk or the system administrator to remotely connect to a particular desktop for troubleshooting purposes. Only XP Professional can be the server with Remote Desktop and XP Home can only act as the "client."

What is a Remote Desktop

A remote desktop may sound confusing, but the explanation of what a remote desktop actually is is actually quite simple. A remote desktop allows a person to control the entire contents of a desktop of a computer from a whole other machine. To do this a person just needs a software application. This software application turns one computer into the manager of one or several other computers.

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Do I need a registry cleaner?


If you want your computer to run better then yes you do need a registry cleaner. Your computer will run better if you occasionally clean your Windows system registry. However, if you do not know what you are doing you should not use a registry cleaner, ever.

The Windows registry is supposed to keep track of all your Windows settings including the hardware configuration, user preferences, file association, system policies, and installed software. The Windows registry is then the database in which Windows can keep track of the relationships between the hardware, software and the operating system of your computer.
Problems with your registry can make a Windows system slower, less reliable, and unbootable. In extreme cases it can only be fixed by reinstalling the whole operating system. Because of these problems that can arise from your Windows registry it is a really good idea to have a registry cleaner.

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Cleaning up your computer for better performance


If you want your computer to run as quickly and efficiently as possible, it's important to clean your computer up every once in awhile. This includes deleting old files, running virus scans, and freeing up disk space.

The following are some ways you can clean up your computer for better performance.

Install a virus checker and use it regularly.
A virus checker, such as Norton or McAfee, can keep your computer safe from viruses and other things that could harm the files and other things on your computer, increasing your computer's performance. While most of these run automatically on your computer to scan for threats and viruses, you should run a scan at least once a week.

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How to choose the right amount of computer memory for your business needs

laptopandmouse45381940.jpg Wondering how much memory you need for your computer, your laptop, or your iPod?How much memory do I need for computer, iPod, laptop, etc.?Determining the amount of memory that you need for any of your electronic devices depends on what you will be using your computer for and the type of computer or electronic device that you need.Fortunately, it is easy to upgrade your computer and to add more memory through the use of external hard drives or any other memory upgrade.

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How to save money on a laptop

There are many reasons people would prefer a laptop over a desktop computer. They're mobile and lightweight, making it easy and convenient to work, send emails, and surf the web no matter where you are.

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How to choose the right desktop computer

Shopping for a desk top computer can be daunting. With so many things to take into consideration, it's difficult to know how to find the right computer to fit your needs.

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Touch screen monitors

A touch screen is a device that allows users to operate a PC by touching the display screen. Touch input is fitting for a wide variety of computing applications. A touch screen can be used with most PC systems as easily as other input devices such as touch pads. Touch screen monitors have grown to be not only highly accessible, but also very convenient.

How does it work?
A touch screen has three main parts: a touch sensor, a controller, and a software driver. The touch screen is an input device, so it needs to be joined with a display and a PC or other device to make a complete touch system. Here are the main functions of the touch sensor, a controller, and software driver:

A touch screen sensor is a clear glass panel with a touch response surface. The touch sensor or panel is placed over a display screen so that the responsive area of the panel covers the viewable area of the screen. There are several different touch sensor technologies on the market and each use a different method to detect touch input.

The controller is a small PC card that connects between the touch sensor and the PC. It takes the information from the touch sensor and translates it into information that the PC can understand.

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The benefits of micros systems for restaurants

Micros systems have been around since 1977.In recent years, though, they have become increasingly used in restaurants. There are many benefits of micros systems for restaurants, which make them a great asset to any restaurant, no matter how big or small.

One of the key benefits to micros systems in restaurants is that they are fairly easy to learn and use.The micros systems are mostly touchscreen computers. Generally, touchscreen computers are more accessible, allowing users of every skill and knowledge level to use them. The touchscreen, because it is fairly simple to use, will probably require less employee training since it, in a way, walks the user through the various services offered by the system.

Their straightforward design allows workers in a restaurant to see and point at exactly what they want. For example, a server can easily place an order to be sent back to the kitchen. The server finds the ordered item on the computer and touches the screen. This will usually bring up another screen or menu, asking for specifics (like quantity or if some part or ingredient needs to be omitted or if extra is wanted). Not only does the touchscreen micros system make this easy, but it can also be done quickly.Just a few touches here and there and the order is sent.

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Should you go to digitized docs?

Companies make sure to backup their digital information regularly, but often they just store their paper documents in storage boxes or clunky, metal filing cabinets. However, in many cases, these printed documents can be just as important as anything on your computer. Usually, the papers in filing cabinets or storage have important signatures on them - which is reason enough to digitize your documents. Depending on what your business has stored, how many important printed documents you have, you should consider whether or not you should digitize your docs.

Storing important paper documents in a box has its disadvantages. First of all, it's not convenient. You may have a sort of filing system (though, for most people, that means a date or some identifying word written on the outside in maker), but sometimes it can be difficult to get to or sort through. Even if you have an organized filing cabinet, it still takes up unnecessary space. A stack of CD's takes up a lot less space. With digitized docs, once you have the information scanned into your computer and possibly burned onto a CD, then you can organize the documents in an orderly way that is easy to access.

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Executing data migration in a cost effective way

Data migration is something that companies will have to do at some time. There are many challenges and factors that go into data migration and how it is done. Because it can be quite a time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming process, the cost of data migration can be high.However, once these challenges of data migration are understood, companies and organizations will do a better job executing data migration in a cost effective way.

Before understanding the challenges companies face when undertaking such a task, it important to have a clear understanding of what data migration entails.Data migration is, to put it simply, the transferring of data to a different computer, format, or system.This is typically done with programming, however it is also sometimes done manually (if someone does do your data migration manually, expect a hefty pricetag due to the tedious nature of the job and the long hours).

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Best computer screens to improve your employee health

When choosing the best computer screens to improve your employee health, there are certain factors to consider. By choosing the right computer screens for your business, your employees will be more productive, instead of suffering from eye strain and eye fatigue.

Some of the factors to consider include the size of the monitor, the type or shape of it, and the way it performs.If these factors are not paid attention to, business owners may face unhappy, unproductive employees and rising health care costs required to help such eye strain and fatigue.It is really in the best interest of the business to find the best possible screens for their employees.

The size of the monitor is an important factor in choosing the best computer screen for employee eye health. If the screen is too small, the font on the computer will be also. This leads to a lot of squinting or it may lead to the employee getting too close to the screen in order to see better.Both can lead to eye strain and dryness - even minor eye strain can affect an employees ability to work. Constantly rubbing at one's eyes, putting in eye drops, and taking longer breaks from the computer not only is distracting, but it affects the quality and quantity of their work.

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