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Building your business better

In today's world businesses are more and more complex, and involve more and more parties. Thus, if you want to build a better business, you need to find ways to engage customers, and serve them better. Here are some suggestions for building a batter business when you have multiple entities involved:

Know your customers and your partners.
The first rule is customer engagement.However, what about your market channel and your channel partners? Can these partners enhance the customer experience, and thus improve your business and your partner's? If you choose your partners poorly, it can diminish how your customers experience your product or service, and leave a bad taste in their mouth for your product. Service and customer experience are as important as the product or service offered.

Choose partners you can trust, and your customers can trust.
They need to have the best interests at heart and offer value. Then help them to do their jobs better and they will work harder for you. Make sure they get perks, and that their jobs are easier because of you. You have to understand their business model if you want to help them deliver more. This means you need to know how they operate and generate profits. They may not want to share this with you, but some transparency is needed for a productive working partnership. It will be more efficient, and you will do better as a partnership if you understand how their company works. Extend trust to them first, by making your business model transparent, and they will likely return the favor.

Something for everyone.
If you want to have a great business model that includes multiple players, it has to be win-win, or win-win-win, etc. In other words, each party involved must get a substantive benefit. They aren't going to stick around long, or give what they have to the endeavor if they do not benefit from it. Make sure that any model you choose is going to keep everyone satisfied and happy!

Remember who the customer is.
This is key for every business, but most importantly for those looking to build a better business where multiple parties are involved. Because not all businesses are totally straightforward, business to customer, but can involve several parties, it is important to remember who the end customer is. This is the person who buys the product or service. The model for the business needs to address all parties, but should be designed for the end customer.

Keep the benefits coming.
One of the best ways to build your business better is to have multi-layered benefits for the users. They need to have benefits such as trust, low cost, convenience, ease of use, and more. In other words, add value, and deliver service, and you will have engaged customers that come back for more.The more benefits you can offer, especially when coupled with a low price, the more likely you are to get customer attention and keep it.

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