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How to hire the right employees for your small business

One of the most important things that you will do for your small business is hire the right employees. The people who work for you will be the largest direct factor in whether your small business is successful or not. However, before you simply begin posting help wanted notices it is important that you take certain factors into consideration. You want to approach the hiring process with a plan (just like any other aspect of running your business). You need to make sure that you not only have a plan but that you also take the time to sufficiently follow the hiring process. If you do then you will be left with employees who work for you that become one of your most valuable assets. Here is what you need to know about how to hire the right employees for your small business-

- Decide what kind of employee do you need-It is important that you have a very clear idea of what type of employee that you need to hire. It can be helpful to start with knowing whether you are looking for a part time or full time employee. Do you need someone permanently or just someone to temporarily fill in? Do you need someone with a highly specialized skill set or will you want to train someone to do what you need them to do? Keep in mind that small businesses are often run like a team. You may need someone who can not only fill their job description but also fill in for someone else. Most employees who work in a small business have to rely heavily on each other. It is important to keep this in mind while you are going through the hiring process.
- Decide on a job description-It is important that you are able to present job candidates with a clear job description. Few people will want to take a job where their duties are not clearly defined. You need to make sure that you are very specific about the most important factors that you are looking for. If you fail to do this you will most likely become very frustrated during the hiring process and waste time talking to people who you would not even consider hiring. In addition, if you do manage to hire someone they will most likely become frustrated at finding out their new job is much different then they anticipated. This does not mean that everything has to be spelled out. If you are hiring for a job that requires the employee to be flexible and change tasks quickly then you should communicate that. Small business employees often see that they have to be much more flexible then those people who work at larger companies. Finally, you should not rush the hiring process since it can take time to find the right person for the right job.
- Decide what benefits you can offer-Many small business owners think that they cannot attract any top tier talent because they cannot match the benefits of their larger competition. This is not necessarily true. There are incentives that you can offer great job candidates that can entice them to come to work for you. Many employees are looking for businesses where there is lots of opportunity for growth and potential. You should also consider offering other options such as: gym memberships or other discounts that may interest job applicants. Flexible schedules, telecommuting, and even on site day care are often all that it takes to hire the right person for the right job. By using some creativity and planning skills you can find the right employees to help your small business succeed.

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