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How to staff a small business

One of the major obstacles that small business owners have to overcome is the need to fully staff a business while having a limited payroll. This challenge can force small business owners to overlook key positions within their organization or even to hire the wrong people. Hiring, training and even firing are major costs for any business yet for the small business owner spending their personnel dollars wrong can be catastrophic. But with a little planning, research and a willingness to think outside of the box small business owners can staff their businesses with the type of personnel that can help them achieve their business goals.Here is what you need to know about how to staff a small business-

  • Hire the right people.Too often out of generosity or desperation small business owners will hire family or friends to get their business off the ground.This is often done in an attempt to give someone a job or is done as a matter of expediency.But if your sister is really not an accountant or your best friend experienced in marketing you could be paying people who are hurting your business far more than helping it.Hiring the right people for the right job will save you money in the long run and most importantly it may save you important relationships in your life.
  • Hire people who can fill more than one function within your company.A small business does not have the luxury of having only one job for everyone.Every employee in a small business must be able wear multiple hats.By hiring people who can fill more than one capacity in your organization you are increasing your cost effectiveness and protecting yourself in the day to day running of your business.By having people who can fill more than one job capacity you can maximize your effectiveness until the sales dollars you generate make hiring someone else truly cost effective.
  • Hire people who are invested in your business.Running a small business can sometimes be a rough road (especially in the early years).By hiring people who are committed to your business they will be much more likely to stick with you even through the harder times.Having employees who understand the needed investment into a small business can help you from having to constantly re-staff your business. Just make sure you let them know that you appreciate their hard work.
  • Hire people who are willing to grow with your business.One of the major functions of a small business is to maximize sales and grow larger.Many times employees who start out with a company will get into a rut or a comfort zone and refuse to change with the needs of the business.If you need to add technology to your business (as most businesses eventually do) you will need employees who are willing to train and work with it.If you need to relocate your business you will at least need some employees who will be willing to commute further or even move.Making sure that you hire people who are willing to grow with your business will help insure its success down the road.
  • Hire people who have realistic expectations.Many times employees of small businesses leave after only a short time due to the fact their initial expectations are not being met.When hiring the employees to staff your business it is crucial to be extremely clear about salary, bonuses, hours worked and future opportunities.Promising to much to a new employee can only result in dissatisfaction down the line and the small business owner being forced to begin the hiring and training process all over again.
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