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How to keep your employees motivated

Savvy business managers understand the importance that employee morale plays in the overall productivity of their business. It is important that every business manager be in touch with how they can keep their employee happy and working hard. Business managers who want to keep their staff motivated know that this is often not an easy task but they make it a priority to provide their employees with the training and other tools that will help them in doing their jobs to the highest level of productivity. Business managers will also have to focus on creating a healthy work environment so that their employees will want to work hard for them. The bottom line is that when your employees feel safe, trusted, and valued they will want to work harder to make your business a success. Here is what you need to know about how to keep your employees motivated-

- Acknowledge their work-Many business managers think that they have to offer expensive incentives in order to motivate their employees. However, studies show that while incentives are nice (if they are something that your employees will value), the real motivation comes from the acknowledgement that you offer your staff. Keep in mind that even simple verbal acknowledgement can go a long way toward making your employees want to work hard. You can also consider recognition on a bulletin board or company newsletter. If you want to make the acknowledgement even more special consider offering a low cost incentive such as a free lunch somewhere or even a longer lunch hour. The bottom line is that these little things can all make your employees want to work harder for you.
- Be the example-It's hard to expect your employees to give it their all if all they see from you is late arrivals, early departures, and 2 hour lunches. Some business managers take the attitude that they can do anything because they are the boss. However, this can quickly backfire when your employees see that you are not really the example of leadership or hard work. Successful business managers understand that they can expect their employees to work any harder then they do. Your employees will be much more motivated to work hard for you when they see you working alongside with them. Savvy business managers do not ask their employees to work any harder then they are willing to work themselves.
- Add some fun-There is no denying that work is serious business but it doesn't have to be that way all the time. Some of the most fun work environments are also the most productive. When your employees are greeted with a positive attitude they are much more likely to want to come to work and work hard. Savvy business manager will take steps to make the work environment as fun as possible. From offering small incentives, keeping a positive attitude, and having occasional company wide breaks the only limits on how you can inject fun in your business is your creativity and your willingness to try it.
- Create the right culture-Far to often employees are subject to a hostile work environment that does not reward hard work. If you want your employees to work hard for you they will need to see that it pays off. In addition, you will have to take steps to reprimand and correct anyone who detracts from this environment. Negativity on the part of anyone working for you can quickly damage the motivation within your business. If your employees see that keeping a healthy and positive work culture is important to you they are far more likely to stay motivated.

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