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Building Respect With Everyone!

When you are running a small business, there are so many different elements that you have to focus on in order to make a name for yourself. From the right PR to the proper marketing, running a small business is not without it's fair share of obstacles. You need to be able to learn about the people that are working for you and to focus on creating mutual respect between everyone. Since you all need to heavily rely on each other for support and to get your jobs done on time, you have to build a company that really works hard on having people look to each other respectfully.

Different personality types can be pretty hard to manage but you can figure it out if you will take the time to become the leader of the company and to build the respect that your company needs in order to make the right difference.

Building respect is something that management will need to control. Do you interact positively with your staff? Do you compliment them? Do you make them feel special and important to the success of the company? As they can see what their influence is over the company, they will be positive and will really work harder at their job. You need to be able to manage the relationships you have with them successfully and also to manage the relationships that they have with each other as well. People are encouraged when they are able to see that they are all equals.

If you notice any signs of disrespect in the workplace, you need to combat that as soon as possible. As the manager it is your job to make sure that everyone is getting along and that they are all treating each other kindly and with respect. You need to have a clear policy about the behaviors that are acceptable and the ones that are not. When they are able to see that you are not going to tolerate disrespect in any form, they will have an easier time trusting you and will have an easier time working together.

How can you show people you respect them? Compliments are great but they also like to see some other things like financial compensation. While it's not always easy to give a pay raise, offer bonus money from time to time. This helps people to stay motivated in their jobs and to feel that they are respected by management.Ask the employees what they would like to receive for a job well done. This is a nice way to show them that you want to give them rewards and things that they are actually desirable of and not just random things.

The employees need a chance to have their voices heard. People want to see that management cares about what they have to say. If you never as for their advice and opinions, they will not feel needed and they may not feel like you are trying to make the company into a place that they can stay with long-term. Happier people will be able to bring about more sales for the company and they create a company that is fun to work for. You need to be able to show them respect and to make sure they are also respecting each other. This is the only way to create an organization that people want to work for and one that customers are able to see as a happy place and a company that they are desirable to continue supporting with their business for years to come!

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