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How to use green marketing for your small business

Studies have shown that small businesses that incorporate green marketing into their overall marketing plan have a great deal of success when appealing to their target market. Green marketing is one of the hottest trends in the marketing world. This marketing strategy can assist you in becoming connected in a real way, with your customers. However, it is important to understand that green marketing is only profitable if it is done the right way.

There are three aspects that will determine if a marketing plan that focuses on your green business practices is successful. These aspects of marketing are-

  • You must be truly genuine. This means that you incorporate green marketing in ways that are more then "skin deep". You must be able to exhibit that you have truly embraced this process. In order to be credible with your green marketing, you must be able to show that all of the policies within your business are consistent with being friendly to the environment. It is only be doing these things that you can position yourself in a credible manner, as a green company. For example: What if you decided that you would participate in recycling. and begin using that in your marketing. Then in the midst of your green marketing, your customers walk behind your store, to see trash dumpsters that are overflowing, with items that could be recycled?Your customers will quickly get the message that you aren't really serious about recycling, as much as you say in marketing strategy. Being genuine is the foundation of what will help a green marketing strategy to be successful.

  • You must educate your customers.It is important to keep in mind that this is not just a matter of letting people know you are green company, this goes far beyond that. You must let your customers know why your green practices matter. If you fail to do this a majority of your target market, may simply shrug and move on. If this happen then your marketing plan that focuses on your green practices, ends up stalled and going nowhere. Being genuine is not enough, you will still need to educate your customers why recycling is so important. For example: You will need to take the time and effort, to incorporate into your marketing message, what you want your customers to understand about recycling. Keep in mind that your message must go beyond the fact that you simply recycle; it must explain the ramifications, for small businesses who do recycle and why it can help the environment.

  • You must give your customers the opportunity to be involved. When your customers can participate in your green efforts, this highly personalizes the benefits of being friendly to the environment. You need to find ways that your target market can be a part of any environmental steps that your small business is taking. For example: You can give your customers the opportunity to participate in recycling the packaging they purchase from your store, or you simply provide them with the opportunity to recycle. While it may not seem significant your customers will appreciate the fact that you are reinforcing values that are important to them.

Now is the time to get involved n green practices and use them in your marketing strategy. Remember though that today's savvy consumer is well-educated about green practices, and they can spot a half-hearted or not so honest effort. If they do you will find that your customers will quickly turn to other companies that are more genuine in their efforts. However, if you are successful in implementing green practices and then using them in your marketing, you can create an effective point for selling Today's consumers are looking for ways to make their community, and the world at large, a better place, if your company can help do that in an honest way, your customers will appreciate that and reward you with their loyalty.

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