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Get personal

If you want to appeal to your customers more, you have to get personal with your products and services. If you aren't offering something that you would want personally, or that would benefit your life, why would it benefit theirs? Consider the following:

What do you need? Think about your current life situation, the struggles you face, the problems you have, the areas that could be made easier, and ask yourself what you could offer, change, or sell to fill a need in your own life.These can be occasional needs, or daily needs, or somewhere in between.

What needs do you have that has an option that could be improved upon? Every product fills someone's need or some kind, but are there needs in your life that have a viable option for fulfilling that need, but it is not the most ideal option? Is there a way you could improve on the existing solutions? For example, maybe you have company coming into town, and your need is to have a clean house before they get there, but you are working. A solution would be to hire a cleaning service. However, let's say most cleaning services in your area only offer work on a contract basis. You could better fill other's needs by offering cleaning services for single cleans, not regular cleaning. Thus, filling a need, or improving on a need for those who only want occasional help for special occasions.

What can you produce or provide to fill a need in the average consumer's life? If it won't benefit you, chances are it won't benefit anyone else either. Get personal, how could you improve on or fill areas of need. The needs of most people are relatively close to the same, so creating a product or service to fill those needs is far easier when you look inward first.

The point is, if you don't need or want it, don't try and sell it. The best products are the ones that you can personally get behind. It is far easier for someone to sell something they believe in, and the customers they garner are lifetime because if it works for you, and it works for them, they will continue to come back.

Share your own experiences, and encourage consumers to do the same. Forums are a great place to do so. If you can create a forum for your product or service, not only is it a great place to get customer feedback, and develop relationships with your consumers, but it is also a great tool for further research, as often, when addressing one need, another arises. It can help you stay apprised of what your consumers want in their lives, and thus, potentially be able to fill that need.

The best way to provide consumers with a product or service that will truly be of value to them, is to ask yourself what would be of value to you. Remember, get personal, make more money!

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