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How to successfully use emails to market your business

Often times business owners overlook the effectiveness of email marketing. They mistakenly assume that since there are many other different ways to market that using emails is no longer effective. This is not true. Email marketing has been shown to a highly effective way to market to your customers. Best of all, using email marketing can be both cost and time effective while reaching a large number of people. If you use email marketing correctly you can reach a large number of existing and potential customers in a short amount of time. However, there are certain things that should keep in mind when using this type of marketing method. Here is what you need to know about how to successfully use emails to market your business-

- Offer something of value-It is crucial to understand that your emails need to stand out from the competition. Most people receive hundreds of emails on a weekly basis (with some people even receiving more), so it is imperative that your email can attract their attention. This means that you need to have something of value before you simply send off an email. It is important to understand that if you want your target market to stop and consider your email there has to be something in it for them.
- Let them know up front-It can be helpful to structure your email so that the reader knows right away what it's about. Many marketing experts recommend putting the purpose of the email in the subject line and then delivering it again in the first couple of sentences. You want to keep all sentences short. This way the reader knows what it is about right away even if they go ahead and delete it.
- Make it easy to read-Another tip from marketing experts is to leave white space around the words of your email. This helps to make the email easier to read and allows your customers to look at it even if they are involved in another task. It can also be helpful to use bullet points.
- Write your email as personal as possible-Email in and of itself is highly impersonal while good marketing strikes up a personal connection. Try to get by the impersonal nature of email by personalizing your email when appropriate. This type of email marketing has been shown to have a much better response rate.
- Avoid adding attachments-Attachments can be annoying, difficult to download, and simply take to much time. Try to avoid adding on an attachment and instead direct your email marketing recipients to your website in order to download a large file.
- Keep the emotion in check-Tone down the hysterical pitch of your email. Avoid using a high priority exclamation point. A phone call works much better if the subject is highly time sensitive. In addition, do not capitalize since it is considered shouting in email format. Finally, don't add emoticons since this is viewed as unprofessional.
- Add a disclaimer-More and more computer users are highly skeptical about opening emails without a virus check. In order to make your email recipients feel better you may want to add a disclaimer that lets them know you have checked for viruses.
- Always carefully reread your email before sending-Remember that the email you are sending is a representation of your business. You want your email to sound and look professional. You should make sure to use spell and grammar check before you send it. Many business owners have learned this email marketing lesson the hard way.
- Be consistent in your email marketing-If you promise your customers that you will use emails to send discounts, coupons, and insights about your business then do so on a consistent basis. This is the best way to get a good return from using email marketing.

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