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Are You A Leader?

As a small business owner, do you take the time to become a leader and to expand the company in the right way? You need to be able to understand how to become a leader that people will look to and can easily trust. Look at your set of skills that you bring to the table and understand how you can have an impact on the business and on your employee's ability to perform responsibly.

Here is the truth, becoming a true leader takes time! It's not a process that is created overnight. You need to be able to focus on yourself and figuring out what type of leadership skills you already have. While you want to bring them to the table, you also need to focus on the skills that you don't have and to enhance them properly.

A good leader is a person that has a vision for the company. You always need to be able to show the employees that you are taking the company into the future and that you know how to do this. When people can see that you have a plan of direction for the future of the company, its easier for them to follow you. Think about the managers you have dealt with in the past and which ones you were willing to follow based on how well they could lead the company. People don't like to be surprised; they like to have a plan. When you create a plan for the future and you clearly define it, your staff will really be able to respect you as their leader. They will trust you and it's easier for them to hold true to the vision that you have.

Here's the truth, a leader must be willing to admit their mistakes, they need to laugh and to really be able to have people feel comfortable around them. Leaders are people that are motivators and really great at respecting other people. Employees feel that their opinions matter and they can see that this person truly cares about everyone that works there. Here are some of the qualities that you need to start with if you would like to establish yourself as a great leader:
- Cooperation
- Integrity
- Trust
- Respect
- Honesty
- Confidence
- Ability to listen
- Sense of humor

Can you relate to other people? If you are not able to relate effectively to other people, it will be hard to get people to follow you. You need to be able to really learn how to relate to people. Work on your listening skills, pay attention to them, and have empathy for them. Having a sense of humor is great at helping you to relate to your staff. People will ease up around you and will find that you are a lot of fun to be around. How often do you take the time to interact with your staff in a non-working way? You can create friendly relationships that help people to feel comfortable around you and to trust you.

Do you have confidence in yourself to lead others? When you show weakness and people question you, it doesn't do much to help lead the company. You really need to be able to focus your efforts on helping people to see that you trust yourself and your decisions. This makes it much easier for them to trust those same decisions and to contribute to the company's bottom line as well.

Be honest with your staff and have integrity. These are two important things any good leader must have to become successful!

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