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Product guarantees

One of the biggest obstacles someone has to overcome in the marketing world is that of trust. Because you are trying to sell your product to the consumer, it taints what you have to say about your own product. You are biased. You want them to buy it because it helps you make money. Thus, in order to overcome these obstacles more easily, product guarantees come in really handy. Product guarantees are like a handshake with your customers. It is not a physical handshake, it does not mean physical contact at all. Instead it is an implied contract that you make.

You guarantee the quality of your product or service. This means that people who use your product or service can expect a certain level of quality, and that if it does not meet that expectation, you will refund their money, meaning no risk for them. This is huge, it allows people to try what you are selling knowing that if it does not do what you say it does, they will get the opportunity of a refund on their purchase. People like to see that a company owner believes in the product or service they are selling enough to stand behind it with a guarantee.

You present a message; such as you will be a green company. Part of a product guarantee is the message you are sending to your customers. For example, you might be telling them that no animals were hurt in the development of that product, and you guarantee it, helping them have a clear conscious that if they are purchasing your product, they are not promoting animal cruelty or animal testing. Maybe your product guarantee is about environmental awareness. The idea is that you help people feel better about buying your product or service, not just feel sure that they will get quality, but that they are doing their part for the world too.

Engage customers- Helps them feel like by buying your product they are doing what is right. A product guarantee makes them feel like they are on the right team, or the right issue. They can feel like when they buy your product they are making a good choice. It is about helping customer feel good about what they are doing for value, for other reasons, and mostly because they are not alone in the choice. A product guarantee is a huge marketing tool because it will help to make the customer feel good about you and your product. You can do this by supporting causes, and donating to education. You can do this in a number of ways, but making a guarantee means making customers happy and secure.

Product guarantees can be about anything. You can guarantee the service or quality of product. You can guarantee that it is environmentally friendly. You can guarantee that for every product purchased your company will donate a set amount to orphans, or cancer research, or something else. Make a guarantee, and you will engage customers more readily.

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