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Building Trust in the Workplace

Having a cooperative working environment is vital to have a successful business and an environment where people can really flourish. Trust is one of those key elements you need to incorporate into your workplace in order to get your employees motivated but also to help people work well with one another. Trust comes from management. You need to show your employees that you trust them and you respect them. Having trust in your employees will help them to feel better about working for the company and to really feel like they can make an impact. Here are some ways to focus on trust building in the office.

No matter what position you are in and what position your employees are in, you are all accountable for some part of the company. Each person needs to step up to the plate and must be accountable for their actions. If you have an employee that has let their co-workers down because of their actions, they need to stand up and accept responsibility for what was said or done. Call that employee into the office and talk to them about their behaviors and what happened. They may need some friendly advice on where to go from here in order to be accountable for their actions and to re-gain the trust of their co-workers once again.

If you are in the wrong you need to tell your co-workers that you are sorry. An apology is mandatory in order to make an impact with your staff. A great way to send out an apology is not only face to face but also writing a letter and sending it out to all of your employees. Managers need to make employees apologize if they have wronged other people in the organization. This helps them to see that they need to be truthful and you will call them out if they are not telling the truth. Initially the employee may experience some frustration and some resistance from other employees but they will start to rebuild their trust as they stick to the truth.

To build trust you need to be efficient and effective at your job. Employees need to see that you are always reliable. If people know they can depend and rely on you, it will make your job much easier. Efficiency is important to having a productive workplace but really in creating an environment where you all can depend on one another.

One of the best ways to get your employees to trust each other is to force them to work as teams. When you employees are forced to rely on each other to do different aspects of a job it will make it easier for them to be able to trust each other. It also helps you to see if you have a cohesive working environment. As a manager you need to focus on taking the active role in teamwork and leading meetings and other things that help employees learn how to work as a team. Give clear directions to each person and to the entire team. Everyone will need to understand how they fit into the piece of the puzzle for teamwork and they can start to make strides in the way they work.

Set Goals
Employees need to have goals placed upon them as individuals and as a company. You need to hold them accountable to these goals and properly recognize them when they actually do complete them. It really helps to set people apart and will show their co-workers that they are doing a good job. Getting feedback from the employees will also help you in effectively managing the organization as you hear from them what are some of the things you can do in order to improve your organization.

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