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Using the software that comes with your digital video camera

Congratulations on your digital video camera purchase!It is likely that you had many reasons for buying a digital video camera and now it is time to really take advantage of your purchase.One of the most exciting things that you are able to do with your digital video camera is to use it in conjunction with the software that came with your video camera to create fabulous home movies or to make fun artistic movies of your own.Whatever your plans are there are a few things that you will need to know about that software that was either included in your purchase r that you bought as a package with your digital video camera.

First it is important to understand a rough sketch of how you will need to transfer video from the digital video camera that you are using to the computer that you plan to use the software on.The first thing that you must do is to capture the video to your computer using a capture card.A capture card is the device that enables the user to move the digital information form the camera to the computer.Sometimes this is also done through what is called a FireWire.Make sure that you have a means by which you can get the images from the handheld device onto your personal computer.Also make sure that you have taken your operating system into account and that you know that what you are planning on purchasing (software, camera, capture card, etc.) are all compatible with your operating system.

The next thing that you will need to do is to edit the video in video editing software.Using the software that comes with your digital video camera is going to probably be the best and easiest way to start.These programs included with purchases are often intended for the novice user and should contain instructions that are specific to the type of digital video camera that you have purchased.

Most software programs can easily be uploaded to your computer in a manner of minutes and you can begin your editing process.There is however a common downside to using software that comes with your digital video camera.This is that purchase included software is usually very general and for beginners.You may find that you outgrow the suggestions and program capabilities or that the specific effects that you wish to do with your digital images are simply not offered on your included software programs.

Luckily there is a way to safely spread your wings and look into other options beyond included software features.There are dozens of trial versions of digital video software that are available online.Simply downloading these trial versions to see how they compliment your current software is an excellent way to evaluate the options that you can take advantage of.

Keep in mind that your download time depends on your equipment and Internet connection. Please be sure you have sufficient time and system resources (i.e. hard drive space and memory) before you begin downloading.Instructions for downloading trial versions of different digital video software programs are relatively simple:

  1. First you will need to download and install one of the latest versions of the following drivers:
    • Microsoftr DirectXT
    • Microsoftr Windowsr Media Encoder
    • Appler QuickTimer
    • RealNetworksr RealPlayer
    • Acrobat Reader
  2. Save the setup file into a temporary directory on your hard drive.
  3. Find the self-extracting file (a little icon that represents the trial version of the software) and double-click to start the installation. Select the appropriate options in the remaining message screens.
  4. Follow set-up instructions and start experimenting!

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