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Focusing on respect

business41865609.jpgWhen it comes to running a successful organization a large responsibility falls to the managers and how they are treating their employees. Are you fostering a healthy work environment where everyone respects one another? You need to have an environment that is focused on respect and provides equal opportunities for everyone to grow and develop.

To develop an organization that is built upon respect, here are some simple tips you need to implement:

  1. Stand for something. If you are trying to show your employees that you respect and trust them, you need to stand for something. You need to show your employees that you have strength and courage. When a persona is caught doing something that is morally wrong, you need to be the person that stands up against it. When you stand for something, your employees will see this and they will respect you for it. Stand up for the company values as well as your personal values. Do not hide who you are as a person and do your best to stand up for your personal values.

  2. Be honest. As a manager your employees are going to come to you for advice and support. They need your help in order to become the best possible employee and the best at their job. You must offer them your honest opinion in order to help them grow and develop. Part of honesty also lies in how you talk to your staff. Do you find yourself engaging in office gossip or backbiting against your staff? Never say anything that you will regret and will need to own up to at a later time. As a manger you are the face of the company to your employees and if they have a reason not to trust you, it's going to be incredibly difficult to get them to trust the company. Mean what you say and avoid trying to backpedal over things you have said in the past. If you make a mistake, own up to it. Employees will trust a manager that shows they are vulnerable to mistakes but owns up to them and finds a way to fix those mistakes.

  3. Show gratitude to your employees. If you want people to show you respect and trust you, you need to show them that you truly enjoy working with them. What do you do for your employees? Do you thank them for doing their jobs well? Be kind to your staff. Simply acknowledging them in the hallways, stairways, and elevators shows that you take an active role in getting involved with your staff. Offer them birthday wishes and nice gift for the holidays. As a manager you need to try hard to reach out to your staff and show them that you are more than just part of the corporation.

  4. Never talk down to your employees. A manager does have a certain level of authority over their employees but when you talk down to them and treat them like they are "stupid" and make them feel bad you will lose their respect. Employees that do not respect their managers are less likely to work hard for them and less likely to have a desire to stay with the company.

  5. Watch their workloads. Employees that are over-worked often become stressed and if no one notices or takes an interest in this, employees can become frustrated with the company. You need to watch how hard your employees are working and try to reduce their workloads if they are feeling overworked. By recognizing this before an employee comes to you, it will strengthen your relationship with them and develop an environment based on trust.

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