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How do you monetize website hits?

manwithpointerfingerup30841443.jpgDriving quality traffic to your website should be on the top of your marketing agenda. Looking for new ways to drive in traffic? If you haven't taken the time to utilize social media sites, you could be missing out on a number of great contacts that will help you to strengthen your website's pagerank status and to help you get in touch with new clients.

The information you are posting on social media sites needs to be engaging and informative. It has to provide your customers with a drive and desire to click on it. Once they are hooked and they click on the link, how do you turn that click into money? It all starts with your landing page. The information you post on the social media site has to be relevant to the landing page or the customers will feel that you are misleading them. Always correspond your marketing message with the landing page in order to motivate customers and to give them the desire to do something about clicking on the link.

Social media sites are free and easy to use but they aren't a place for you to go and advertise your business like crazy. You need to use social media sites for the purpose they are created for, building relationships and having conversations. The one thing you need to establish with social media sites is having a presence on the site. Make sure you are directing people back to your website where they will be able to acquire the right type of information from your company.

Keep in mind that you need to develop a blog and a website that is easy to remember and easy to navigate. By reminding customers of your blog or website, you will separate your company from the social media realms of Facebook and twitter. While it's great to be on social media sites, you need to recognize that these sites are not everything. Your company's site is everything as you have complete control over it. Designing the sight in the right way will allow you to monetize your site in a way that it becomes profitable enough to pay for your entire marketing needs.

Everyone uses social media sites and a lot of website users are relying on social media sites to find companies and products they are interested in. This is why you need to get on a social media site so your customers will be able to see that you have a presence here but they will be able to see they can learn more about the company by clicking on the links you provide.

As you start to build up your website traffic, you can sell advertising space on your website. This is a great way to start earning more money online and to also start building more links to and from your website.

Look for new ways to market to your customers by posting blogs and videos. This is a great way to firmly establish your companies name in the industry and to make sure you are able to build links to your website. The more traffic you get, the easier it will be to convince advertisers to start paying you to place their ads on your site. You can also use Google AdSense to acquire ads for your website and you can start earning money. Of course you will need to get the customers to start clicking on the ads that you are posting on the website in order to generate any type of revenue from the ads. Engaging content on your website is the best way to strengthen your ability to get your customers to click on the ads.

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