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How to find your ideal customer

paying23246187.jpgWhen seeking your ideal customer, you need to engage in market research and a number of other things that will draw them into your company. Here are some tips that will help you find your ideal customer:

  1. Attend conferences. One of the best ways to network with your customers and find out what they are interested in is by going to conferences. These events give you a chance to branch out to a new audience and interact with other businesses that may be able to help expand your business. Depending upon which type of conference it is you may want to rent a booth where you can interact with your customers and show them some of your products and services. Find out who is hosting the conference and try to book a workshop or keynote address if possible in order to reach out to your customers. This is also a great way to set your business apart in the industry and show others you are here to stay. Keep a stack of business cards with you to pass out when you meet with your customers. Business cards are a simple marketing tool that can help your business attract new customers.
  2. Change your marketing strategy. If your customers are not responding to the marketing efforts you are doing, it may be time to change them up. Print ads are effective but if you haven't created a new print ad in a few months or years, you are behind the times and it's time to update them. You also need to branch out to your customers by getting online and finding your customers on social media sites, blogs, etc.
  3. Do your customers come to you? Do your customers come into the store and meet with you and do they have positive interactions with you? Customer service is one of the best ways to convince your customers to come back for more. Training of your employees is essential to creating strong customer service connections. When you focus on training employees teach them how to handle customer complaints and make the customer feel as if they are right even if they aren't. One way to impress the customer is the way you dress. If your employees are dressed in sloppy clothes, it gives an immediate impress to the customer that you have lazy employees. Dressing your staff in business clothing's like slacks or skirts and professional tops will provide a different image to the customer. What your employees wear really does send a different message and can be the difference you need to show customers you are a professional organization.

Customers appreciate a business that provides them with a personalized message and products. You must be able to find a way to reach out to them in a way that your competition doesn't do. Sending out direct mail pieces can help your existing customers to come back for more. When sending out a direct mail piece you will need to offer your existing customers some type of discount or offer that will entice them to head to your website or contact your company.

New customers will be attracted to your company based on the new products you develop. If they already know about your company and your products, they may not have an interest in hearing about these products again. These customers want to hear about something that is new. Announce this information on your blog and also on your social media sites. When you interact with you customers on social media sites you have a chance to show them that there is more to the company than just marketing, there is actually a person at the company that wants to help.

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