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Heart attack symptoms you should take seriously

Heart disease has become the number one killer of women in America. However, many women do not realize that heart attack symptoms are not alike for both genders. Many women assume that because they don't have a crushing pain in their chest that they couldn't be having a heart attack. You may be surprised to learn that studies show that up to 44% of women who had a heart attack didn't have any pain at all. This is unfortunate since many women wait longer to seek medical attention which puts them at a higher risk of heart damage and even death. The reality is that seeking treatment within 3 hours of a heart attack improves your odds by 23% while seeking treatment within 60 minutes improves your odds of surviving the heart attack by more then 50%. The key to surviving a heart attack is to know what the signs and symptoms are and reacting quickly. Here are the heart attack symptoms you should take seriously-

- Debilitating fatigue-This symptom of a heart attack was reported by more women then any other symptom and was often the most ignored. Many women have jobs, spouses, and children that they care for and assume that is what is causing them to feel so tired. Women assume that their very busy lives are causing the fatigue instead of the onset of a heart attack. If you are experiencing fatigue where it becomes to difficult to cook dinner or lift your laptop or do any of the other usual tasks its time to see your doctor and report this symptom.
- Mild pain-Many women mistakenly assume that they will feel crushing pain if they are having a heart attack. The reality is that most women only feel mild pain and surprisingly its not in the region of the heart. Keep in mind that heart attack pain can occur in women in the breastbone, upper back, shoulders, neck, or jaw. In addition, it is important to know that many women don't feel any pain at all when they are having a heart attack.
- Sudden onset of sweating-Many women find that they are suddenly drenched in sweat for no reason. Their face may appear pale or ashen and they may look like they are going to pass out. If you are feeling this way especially with no physical exertion as the cause you should seek immediate medical attention.
- Dizziness and nausea-Often times women who have a heart attack report feeling sick prior to the incident happening. They may feel nauseous and have indigestion that does not respond to treatment. They may even vomit.Unfortunately, many women assume that they are sick and do not report these symptoms to their doctor. If you have stomach issues that do not respond to treatment you should report this immediately to your health care professional.
- Shortness of breath-Over half of the women who have a heart attack report episodes of sudden breathlessness that left them panting or unable to talk. If you feel that you can't catch your breath especially without any physical exertion this is a warning sign that you should seek immediate medical care.
- Difficulty sleeping-Another symptom that is common in women with heart attack issues is the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Many women experience this symptom for weeks before the actual heart attack. This is very different from men who most often do not experience sleep issues before the onset of a heart attack.
- Unexplained anxiety-If you are feeling an unexplained sense of dread or doom do not simply dismiss it. Your body may be trying to tell you something. Many women report feeling this way before their heart attack occurred.

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